​Good Fathers Day Gift Basket

​Good Fathers Day Gift Basket

​Good Fathers Day Gift Basket

We hope that this ​Good Fathers Day Gift Basket post inspires you.

​Good Fathers Day Gift Basket

We hope that this ​Good Fathers Day Gift Basket post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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  1. Wendy

    These clothes are really stylish. Would love to see the men in my life in these. I especially like the shoes in the first group of pictures. Sears will make a man look good!

  2. My husband would love those glasses or socks. I WISH he’d wear the shorts, but he prefers basketball shorts (the mesh ones), and will wear khaki shorts if I make him!

  3. Those are some very snazzy outfits! I don’t think my dad would wear them, but he IS 69 🙂 My son might though!

  4. I love going to SEARS and checking out what new appliances they have. My hubby doesn’t really go there for his clothes, though. He has other favorite stores.

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    The Sears at my local mall closed, so I totally forget to shop there now that it;s not right in front of me. I will have to check online.

  6. I love sears! There’s so many great products at great prices! My hubs would love some casual dad pieces! How great!

  7. Can’t go wrong with some new clothes! I always go out clothes shopping since he doesn’t really.

  8. These are great ideas. I still haven’t though of a gift for my husband. I think he’ll love a new pair of sneakers.

  9. We are shopping this weekend for my husband. He needs new clothing and shoes. We will be hitting Sears as well.

  10. These are all great gift ideas. I have picked up a few things here and there, but I’m actually doing most of my shopping today. Thanks for sharing, I’m heading over now to grab the rest of my dad and the hubby’s gifts!

  11. I like a lot of these and they are so his style. Great pieces, I picked up a couple of items for him for Father’s Day.

  12. These are very well put together gift ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  13. Sears has a wide variety of gifts for dad. We got my husband a nice shirt and tie from sears a few weeks ago.

  14. I haven’t been to Sears in ages! This stuff looks great…thanks for the reminder!

  15. Leigh Anne Borders

    I love the looks for the dads. Very stylish and chic! I have not been to Sears in awhile because there is not one near us. Might have to make a trip to the nearest mall to check these out.

  16. Surprisingly, Sears has really nice clothing options for men these days. It is definitely worth a stop to browse, especially for a great pair of Levi’s jeans.

  17. Really nice outfits – we’ve not been to Sears in so long – you’re making me want to check it out and see what has changed – thank you for the ideas 🙂

  18. Oh I am loving all those shoes for the men! I kinda want my husband to wear those types of shoes 😉

  19. Both of my men (hubby and dad) are casual kind of guys. I better get shopping!

  20. Rosey

    I do like to shop at Sears. It’s the tool section there that makes the men in my house happy. 😉

  21. I’m still having a hard time thinking of something to get my husband and for my dad this Father;s day! I’ll definitely check out what Sears has available – sounds like some great stuff!

  22. I haven’t shopped at Sears in quite some time, but I know I have one in my area. Some of these suggestions are really good!

  23. Yona Williams

    I haven’t been to Sears in a long time, I might have to check out their clothing for men. As a side note, I love that icon above that incorporates the tie and the hammer – so clever.

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