Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points
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Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points

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Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more pointsGet the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points #SearsMastercard

As an avid shopper, I am all about loyalty and rewards when it comes to the places that I frequently shop. I love to be rewarded for my loyalty and truthfully, it makes me shop at that store even more knowing that they really care about my loyalty. Nothing is worse to me to see all of these people getting such great deals and I am not one of them. I actively hunt down the best price for whatever I buy. It's not because I am thrifty rather I would much rather have that extra money to spend somewhere else. We have partnered with Shop Your Way from Sears to create this Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points #SearsMastercard post.

Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points

I know a lot of people are like that and I frequently get asked where one can find the best deals when shopping both online and instore. I am always happy to share because shopping is one of my absolute favorite activities. I really do know where to get the best deals and how to maximize every single dollar that I spend. I rarely walk away from a transaction thinking that I could have gotten a better deal. I just get the best deals from the start.

The Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way is an all new way to shop at Sears to get rewarded even more for your everyday purchases.

Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more pointsAbout the Sears Mastercard from Citibank

The all new Sears Mastercard from Citi Retail Services gives customers a way to earn even more Shop Your Way points and you can even earn rewards points EVERYWHERE you shop. The card comes with no fee for the first 12 months and offers this for eligible purchases:

  • 5% back in points at gas stations
  • 3% back in points at grocery stores and restaurants*
  • 2% back in points made at Sears and Kmart and
  • 1% back in points on all other eligible purchases

*5% and 3% back on the first $10,000 of combined eligible purchases made on gas, groceries and restaurants and 1% thereafter

Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points

Earning Shop Your Way points

Shop Your Way and Citibank just made earning points so much easier. You can now earn points at the places you shop at everyday simply by using your card. Need a new appliance? Buy it from Sears in store or online and on with your card to earn even more. You can also combine your rewards points with in-store promotions at Sears and Kmart which will truly maximize your savings and rewards.

Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points

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This Get the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way to earn more points #SearsMastercard is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Mastercard.

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  1. Robin rue

    That sounds like a great way to shop! I need to look into this.

  2. Amy Desrosiers

    I use to love shopping at Sears. Sadly our local store is closing down now.

  3. I love being rewarded when I shop! I will definitely have to check into this one. I was looking for a credit card that would pay me back.

  4. I love credit cards that earn me something for shopping. My husband just got a cash back card, I need to get one as well.

  5. Earning points for all of those regular purchases will be really nice. It’s good to have those rewards always building up.

  6. I can’t imagine NOT shopping with reward points earned through my credit cards. Glad to know about the Sears Mastercard and how to earn even more points!

  7. It’s great when a credit card offers reward points. It’s too bad that as a Canadian I can’t take advantage of this card.

  8. This sounds like a great credit card. We do go to the states quite a bit so I will have to look into getting one.

  9. Claudia Krusch

    I love to earn rewards while I shop. I will have to look into getting a Sears Mastercard.

  10. Sears Mastercard sounds fantastic. I love to shop at Sears for the whole family.

  11. I love it when credit cards offer rewards for shopping. This is my type of card. I need to look into getting one of them soon. I think I would really enjoy using it.

  12. This is awesome! I love those credit cards that give rewards for every purchase! 😀 Will check it out!

  13. Brianne

    I love earning points for my spending. I’ve got to look into this card! 

  14. Reesa Lewandowski

    I love cards like this that offer rewards!!!! I need to look into this!

  15. I love Sears for all my big appliance purchases so I am very interested in the Sears Mastercard from Citibank. I think I will find these points will add up to big savings for me.

  16. That’s so great! I’m already a Shop Your Way member, and I have been for years. I really need to take advantage of this.

  17. Catherine Sargent

    This sounds like a great card. I love the idea of being able to earn reward points for a store that I already shop at.

  18. Meagan

    I didn’t know about this. I am all about earning more for what I am already purchasing.

  19. I love to be rewarded for shopping and I’m a Sears Shop Your Way member so I should probably look into this right away!

  20. Rosey

    It really is nice to have ways to earn so many points. I wouldn’t mind getting a Sears Master Card.

  21. Pqm

    I never knew there was a Sear’s credit card. We buy quite a few things at Sear’s.

  22. What a great idea, I love shop your way rewards it was always a great way to gain some extra cash towards things. Super cool you can now get a Sears MasterCard with it too and earn more points!

  23. I love a credit card with a ton of benefits and rewards! How awesome that this one allows you to earn with every purchase too.

  24. I love the option of being able to earn points just by shopping. I will have to look into this Sears Mastercard, and if I can still earn points if I use it to shop when I travel out of the country.

  25. I love credit cards that give you perks when you spend money! This sounds like a good one!

  26. Tracey

    Being rewarded while you shop makes shopping even more fun! This looks like a great points system.

  27. Credit cards have come a long way through the years in satisfying the customer with little extras.
    This card looks to be very competitive.

  28. I need to share this post with my my mom. I think my mom is a Sears Mastercard holder so she would benefit from this.

  29. I love saving with my Shop Your Way Points! This makes shopping with Sears even more enjoyable!

  30. Crystal

    The cards that have great perks like this one help you save and earn. Haven’t signed up for Sears but it sounds like a great option.

  31. Gabriel

    So many great rewards programs to choose from, this one is at the top of what to check out.

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