Gifts for Grads through Upromise
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Gifts for Grads through Upromise

Gifts for Grads through Upromise

Gifts for Grads through Upromise by Sallie Mae is a smart way to shop because graduation season is upon us and if you are anything like me, then you might not have gotten any gifts yet. I am actively shopping for three different grads in our lives right now. This is such a big time in a graduate’s life and I want to get them something that is practical but will be used and appreciated.

This year, we are shopping through Upromise because every purchase I make contributes to the college funds of my three kids. How great is that?  Graduation can be expensive for many families, so be sure to earn cashback for education when you shop through  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Gifts for Grads through Upromise


Upromise is a rewards program where shoppers can earn cash back for college with everyday purchases.  It is free to join and to date, Upromise members have collectively earned more than $900 million and counting, helping families contribute to college tuition, expenses and loans. Members can allocate their cash back earnings in several ways to help save, plan and pay for college. By simply starting your online shopping at at hundreds of online retail partners such as Target, Apple, Best Buy, Macy’s or Old Navy, families can earn 5% back for college on eligible purchases. Upromise members can earn up to 5% cash back just by shopping with Upromise partners —including more than 850+ online stores and 10,000+ restaurants, grocery and drugstores. Popular online retail partners include,, Groupon and more.

In addition to saving 5% when shopping online, users can earn an additional 5% when shopping online with the Upromise MasterCard, totaling 10% cash back for college. Money earned through Upromise can be put in an eligible 529 college savings plan, put towards eligible student loans, deposited in a Sallie Mae savings account, or you can get a check.

When earning cashback through Upromise, be sure to go through to get to your favorite sites, or download the RewardU toolbar, so your account is credited.

Upromise members can:

  • Transfer earnings to eligible 529 plans or high-yield savings accounts
  • Apply earnings to student loan repayment
  • Request a check for cash for books and other expenses
  • Split up earnings across multiple beneficiaries


We have come up with a few items that we are certain any graduate would want to honor their special day. These Gifts for Grads through Upromise will be great for any graduate plus you will get money back in your Upromise account.

Apple Watch – Get 1% cash back from the Apple Store.

Purchase plane tickets for a once in a lifetime trip from Travelocity- Get up to 5% off

Clothing and everything you need for college from Macy's – Get up to 5% cash back.

Outfit a dorm room with items from Sears – Get up to 5% cash back.

Travel gear from Lands' End – Get up to 5% cash back.

Send your student off to college with a new PC from HP Home – Get up to 5% off

Ship some steaks to the dorm room from Omaha Steaks – Get up to 5% cash back.

No matter what your grad needs or what would make their upcoming years easier, you can find all of this and more at Upromise.

Gifts for Grads through Upromise

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  1. I know we have upromise accounts but I don’t think we use them and I am not sure why. After reading your post I am going to look back into these accounts because every penny saved for college is a good thing for sure.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Both of my boys have UPromise accounts! It is a great way to save.

  3. I’m thinking back at my graduation, I don’t remember when I asked for/what I got. I’m pretty sure it might have been a laptop – that I still have…. 10+ years later lol.

  4. That sounds like an awesome program. This will help you save money.

  5. I have heard of UPromise, but I haven’t used it yet. These are some great recommendations for gits for grads. I’d like them myself!

  6. I had never heard of UPromise before I read your post, but it sounds amazing! I will definitely have to look into getting an account!

  7. I have had a Upromie account for 10 years and only have 300. I guess I need to use it more often. lol. In fact I just went on today and updated it.

  8. Wow, I haven’t ever heard of this before. That’s really awesome.

  9. Catherine S

    This sounds like a great program. I am always interested in ways to save money.

  10. Thanks for reminding me about UPromise, I have some amount there to transfer to my children’s savings.

  11. I love that butterfly watch! It would be perfect for a graduating young girl. I don’t really know of any right off hand, so, oh darn, I guess I will have to have it for myself!

  12. Considering how much I spend, I should have signed up when Paulie was born! I guess it is never too late, I will have to check this out.

  13. I didn’t knwo about this program. It’s awesome that they can get credit while shopping for things they’ll need for school anyway!

  14. Wow I can think of one graduate in my family that would love an Apple watch. Great gift options.

  15. I have never heard of anything like this. Sounds really great for those going to college though.

  16. Nicole Dziedzic

    Travel gear and plan tickets are always awesome for grads. I got my brother a luggage set and he uses it a lot.

  17. I have heard good things about up promise for years. I never joined up because I do not shop at most of them stores. I do sometimes at Sears but not very often.

  18. I shop online so frequently and can not understand how I have never heard about the Upromise program before. You can bet your bottom I will be visiting the site and signing my three children up immediately!

  19. Pam

    I have never heard of UPromise before. What a great way to help get some money for college.

  20. Thanks for the reminder to log into my account and use it more often. For some reason I always forget about upromise.

  21. I definitely have to look into this account, especially while I still have some time. My little in only 8 years old.

  22. I have been out of school a number of years and am still paying off college. I love Upromise. I use it myself.

  23. UPromise is a great program. I haven’t used it nearly like I should have.

  24. College is crazy expensive and the costs are going to continue to rise. If a company is offering to give me cash back on my purchases, I’m all for it. Every little bit helps and the savings can add up.

  25. Kristi

    Sounds like a great program, I will now be asking my sisters if their kids all have accounts set up yet!

  26. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are great tips. I have one that just finished his first year in college and one that is starting college in the fall.

  27. Crystal

    Those are wonderful ideas! Gift giving has been challenging this year. I ran out of ideas!

  28. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have UPromise accounts for my boys. So thankful for them.

  29. Very cool program! College is so expensive it’s great that there are things like this out there to lighten the load. I wish I’d had soemthing like this when I was coming up 🙂

  30. Jamela Porter

    I have a Upromise account. I don’t think I have ever used it. I should really start.

  31. Natalie Z

    I have saved 1000s for my boys college fund with Upromise! I love it!

  32. This sounds like a great program. I wish I would’ve got in on it before my kiddos were grown.

  33. I don’t know of any grads, but those are nice gift ideas! That butterfly watch is absolutely stunning.

  34. neha sultan

    interesting rewards program, i was not aware of it. Great that it has tie up with major retailers so makes shopping fun if you earn rewards too. Will share it with friends.

  35. I love the gifts you picked to feature! I know Apple watch would probably be on my mind. My husband actually bought some watches for my kids, cheaper variety, but a similar idea. They have just graduated their respective grades of elementary school. 🙂

  36. Rosey

    No grads here this year. I do love to shop for them though, I know it’s always an exciting time in a young adult life.

  37. My youngest daughter just graduated from high school and her favorite gift was the cash she got. She completed her cosmetology license during high school and won’t be heading off to college so cash really helped her as she was starting out on her adult life.

  38. Smart. I wish I could get UPromise to work for me. I started with them when they first came out, but never figured out how to get money in the 529.

  39. I signed up for Upromise account years ago. I haven’t logged in to see what the balance is in a while.

  40. I hadn’t heard of this before but it sounds like a great way to save. I’ll pass thi along to someone I know who has teens.

  41. We use Upromise. It really is a great way to save money

  42. I love Upromise. I remember using it when I was in college. I’m glad they are still offering opportunities for graduates.

  43. Krystal

    I need to remember to sign up. My friend uses it and LOVES all the benefits. We all could use it!

  44. I wasn;t sure what to give my grandson when he graduated high school last month, so I just gave him money. I knew he would need gas money to go looking for a job.

  45. Julie Wood

    This is a really cool way to get money for a college fund. I think the money back is great and if I buy products I get it put in a fund to help with college. Great idea!

  46. Elisabeth

    I love the idea of gifting travel to a graduate!

  47. ellen beck

    I have heard of this before and think it is a good idea. I like how you can get money back on things you alreadt buy. UPromose sounds like a good deal.

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