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Making Money Taking Paid Online Surveys

Recently a few readers have asked about more ways to make money online. I have been taking surveys online for the past ten years. While I do not make a ton of money doing it, I do get a to try a lot of new products and the money works out to be around $100 per month or so.

Online surveys are easy to take, usually do not require much time and you can get paid out around once a month or so.

Here are a few that I do on a regular basis:

Survey Savvy Online Survey Website Site Make Money Online

Viewpoint Forum

Click IQ

NFO My Survey

Lightspeed Panel


Test Spin

Greenfield Online


Go Zing

Harris Poll

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  1. ellen

    With all the time I spend online you would think I would do online surveys- $100 a month isnt bad! Thanks for the list, I am checking them out!

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