South Shore Furniture - Decor & Decals for Kids Rooms

South Shore Furniture – Decor & Decals for Kids Rooms

South Shore Furniture - Decor & Decals for Kids Rooms #OTTOGRAFFit #SouthShoreFurniture

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We have recently begun decorating my daughter's room. This is our youngest and so her room has kind of fallen by the wayside in the recent years. She has been asking recently for us to update her room and so I decided that it was time. We began the shopping process about a month ago. We started looking around in stores to see what she liked and checked out catalogs that came to our house as well.

We are working with South Shore Furniture to add a little flair to her room in terms of decals. Now I decorated my oldest daughter's room with decals and I absolutely loved it so I was excited to work with South Shore.


South Shore Furniture is a Quebec based manufacturing company founded in 1940 that thinks out, designs, and makes affordable ready-to-assemble furniture, and also offers a range of décor items. At South Shore, furniture and decor items are only a part of so much more that’s meant to achieve their real goal: help you create a décor that’s a reflection of you.

South Shore Furniture - Decor & Decals for Kids Rooms #OTTOGRAFFit #SouthShoreFurniture


  • I have been decorating with decals for years and there are so many good reasons to use decalsL
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • The stickers are easy to install.
  • You can use your piece longer thanks to the removable stickers, it's like 2 pieces in 1 (the one with the Ottograff stickers, and the “plain” one).
  • The stickers are great quality, they don’t damage the furniture
  • Easy way to jazz up your décor, and once your children are older and want another décor, you can take the stickers off
  • The stickers are printed on white vinyl
  • These stickers have a unique design created for the Ottograff line

South Shore Furniture - Decor & Decals for Kids Rooms #OTTOGRAFFit #SouthShoreFurnitureFlowers Ottograff Wall Decals

Imagine a fairyland for your little girl. Add your own touch! These fun-filled and colourful decals add that extra magic for a unique and playful decor. A great setting for fun sleepovers.

There are 3 categories of stickers: headboards (for teenagers or adults) + kids bedroom + baby bedroom. The stickers are designed for a piece of furniture in particular (you cannot buy the stickers and put them on any piece). Sold on

These decals are just adorable! They are so easy to use that my daughter helped me put them on her wall. She loves the way that they look and I how love how they tie all of the colors in together making her room look great!South Shore Furniture South Shore Furniture2

Litchi 1-Drawer Night Stand with Ottograff Decal

We all know that children have a different way of organizing their space, depending on their personality and age. This collection gives you multiple configurations, so you can choose the one your little treasure needs. These fun-filled and colourful decals add that extra magic for a unique and playful decor. A great setting for fun sleepovers.

This nightstand is just perfect for my daughter. It has enough space in it for her to store things without having too much in there. The decal looks great and what I especially love is that we can remove the decals if needed to put something else on in the future. This is great if she changes her mind or has a different favorite color or wants to go in a different direction with her room. Even better is that I could remove the decal completely and re-purpose this piece to be used somewhere else in the house.


Head to the South Shore website to see what other great furniture they have available!

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This is a sponsored post through the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

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  1. Those decals look so pretty! I’d love to do something like this in my daughter’s room.

  2. I spot a butterfly decal! Great idea this allows for both flexibility and self expression. 🙂

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Those decals are wicked cool! What a way to brighten up the room.

  4. My kids love to decorate their rooms with decals! My daughter has recently been wanting to update her room too and you have just given us a great idea. Thanks!

  5. Decorating with those would be so fun! I love the colors on the flowers. I’d definitely use them on some Southshore furniture.

  6. Pam

    I love wall decals. They’re such a fun way to change the look of a room.

  7. Those decals seem like a great way to jazz up a piece of furniture. When a child ages or wants a decor change, it is as simple as a removing a sticker.

  8. That nightstand would be perfect for my little girl. I love the unique personality with the decor decals!

  9. I think using decals is a great way to change up a room without spending a fortune! We’ll be using them when it’s time to make over my daughter’s room!

  10. How fun! My girls would love all of this especially decorating their furniture like that. Super cute!

  11. Julie Wood

    I think it is awesome that they have the furniture and the decals that I would like to pick out and I think the decals make the furniture really stand out great. I think my niece needs to get some decals for her room!

  12. What a great way to spruce up a room. This is a great idea.

  13. I love decals. That means I do not have to mess with paint and the mess it brings. Decals can be removed and we can re-purpose the furniture.

  14. Those are super cute! What a fun idea to dress up furniture for you kids!

  15. CRystal

    KiDs change their interests so often (or at least mine do), so decals are such a great option for decor. These look great!

  16. Debbie Denny

    That is so cool. Love how the decals dress up things.

  17. Great looking furniture. That is always a great foundation for a well put together room

  18. Oh wow such great furniture! Perfect for a kids’ room remodel!

  19. I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to decorate my kids’ rooms!

  20. I love the decals. This would be perfect for Isa’s room. I am heading to their pages to check them out.

  21. I love the decal you picked out! I can’t wait to check out South Shore for some decals for my daughter’s room!

  22. Ann Bacciaglia

    Decals are a great way to decorate a room. I love how easy they are to apply and move around.

  23. These decals really spruced up a plain looking item. It ooks really cool!

  24. CourtneyLynne

    OMG how cute are these decals?!?! My daughter has white furniture in her room. These would be awesome to add!

  25. Awesome decals. If my daughters were younger I am sure they would want some for their room.

  26. These pieces of furniture look great and fun! I would love to have some pieces from this company in our home.

  27. I love the idea of putting wall decals on furniture. What a fun and quick way to update a child’s room!

  28. Decals are such an easy and fun way for kids to add flare. The stickers, not cool, but these kind of decals are great!

  29. What a great idea! Never heard of South Shore Furniture but my wife and I are seriously considering their Cotton Candy changing table for kiddo #2 that’s on the way.

  30. Hi there, thank you for excellent post. Two quick questions: how do you get them off after you don’t want them and are they possible to be mounted on natural (massive) wood and glass? Thanks in advance. Matija

  31. I am looking for new DIY ideas for my kids room can you recommend some thing new?

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