Get Fresh for Success with the Sams Club Sweepstakes

Get Fresh for Success with the Sams Club Sweepstakes

Get Fresh for Success with the Sams Club Sweepstakes #FreshForSuccess #SamsClubPost sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

Get Fresh for Success with the Sams Club Sweepstakes #FreshForSuccess #SamsClub

As the parent of three children, I understand first hand how stressful school can be and I am always of the mindset that it is better to prepare as soon as possible.

As a parent, you know that your student goes through a lot when they start hitting the books at school. Stress will be high as their new surroundings, studies and social life pose new challenges for them to overcome. Luckily, you can help other moms help their young scholars keep their cool back at school.

Get Fresh for Success with the Sams Club Sweepstakes #FreshForSuccess #SamsClubHelp your students stay fresh and confident with club-size packs of AXE, Caress® and Degree®. When you pick up these necessities from Sam’s Club, you won’t just supply your student with enough personal care stuff for a month or two, but for almost a whole quarter or semester. That means your student can present a cool version of themselves after any all-nighter or study session, because when they feel fresh, they’ll have the confidence to succeed. These awesome products will provide your student with  48 hours of wetness and odor protection plus they go on dry.

Buy and Enter to Win 1 of 3 Touchscreen Laptops

The best part is that you can use your Sam's Club purchase receipt for the chance to win 1 of 3 touchscreen laptops and if you submit your receipt during the first week of the sweeps (7/17 – 7/23), you will also receive a $5 Coffee Gift card. How great is that? Simply buy two packs of the participating products in club-size packs from these brands: AXE, Caress® and Degree®.

Make certain to go back to school shopping at Sam’s Club with the Scan & Go app and stay stocked up all school year long by using Sam’s Club’s subscription program. Click the links to learn more.

Get Fresh for Success with the Sams Club Sweepstakes #FreshForSuccess #SamsClub

Enter the Get Fresh for Success Sweepstakes

How to Enter:
1. Buy two participating AXE, Caress or Degree Club Packs in one visit for a chance to win one of three laptops.
2. Head to the promotion website to upload your receipt
3. Receipts can be from Scan and Go app, Club Pick-Up, an online purchase and in-store from a cashier.
4. Share this with your friends and family!
5. As an extra bonus, if you upload your receipt from 7/17 through 7/23, you will get a $5 coffee gift card
6. No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes. See the website for more details.

Stock up on your back to school essentials and club packs at Sam's Club today! Make certain to enter the sweepstakes by uploading your receipt here and you will be entered for a chance to win a Sam’s Club computer package. Good luck!

Post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

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26 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. robin rue

    I was just at Sam’s Club stocking up on guy care stuff for my almost teen. We have a few trips coming up in August, so I need to make sure we have enough deodorant LOL!

  2. candy

    Now is the time to stock up on deodorant and other items with the back to school.  This type of stuff is on sale and perfect to add to my stock pile.

  3. What a great sounding time to do some stocking up, and I love that they are running those competitions, that is really going to help some students out with the new term.

  4. Ruth I.

    This is a really cool sweepstake with amazing prizes! It’s the perfect time to buy and stock up!

  5. We love picking up the value packs! We save so much money that way! My son used to love Axe lol I remember getting that for him all of the time when he was younger!
    It is time to get stocked up!

  6. With school coming up, I need to do some serious stocking up on supplies. Nice to get in some contest entries too while you are shopping anyway! What I love is not having to make so many trips to the store!

  7. What fabulous prizes. Axe and Caress are just some of our favorite products and I make sure to stock up on these items.

  8. Sam’s Club always has the best deals and I really love their stock-up specials.  We live in a college town and it won’t be long before all of the students are back.  I’m sure they’ll love these!  x

  9. I can’t purchase right now because we’re vacationing out of the country. I’ll have to visit the website to see how to enter without purchasing.

  10. This is a great sweepstakes. We all need to stock up on deodorant during the summer months. I will be heading to Sam’s Club later in the week to pick up some essentials for the house.

  11. We don’t have Sam’s club membership so I never shopped there. A friend of mine encouraged me to sign up as it will give us some savings.

  12. I love saving money and when I can do it in bulk, I head to Sam’s. They have a lot of fun stuff to look at there, it’s a fun place to shop.

  13. Kathy

    I don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, but I remember going when I was little. I think they have such great stuff. This is an awesome sweepstakes too!

  14. Yeu Doi

    Sounds like a great deal. We’ll have to stock up soon as the incentives are enticing.

  15. I haven’t been to Sam’s club in a very long time. The way my boys go through Axe, I should be shopping for it at Sam’s. hahah. There are three boys in the house and they all use Axe, even the 6-year-old will sometimes. 🙂

  16. These are all such amazing prizes! I really like Sam’s Club. I need to stock up on some school supplies.

  17. What an awesome Sweepstakes! I don’t need a laptop right now, but I know someone I would give it to that needs one.

  18. I’m all about keeping my teen nice and fresh. He is very active, and I want to be sure he isn’t stinky. He has taken a liking to the Degree brand so this is perfect for us.

  19. Adaleta

    Perfect to stock up! Degree is such a great brand

  20. I will have to stock up on these! You can always have a stockpile on hand – don’t want to run out!

  21. Such an awesome sweepstakes! My son has been using Axe for years so this is just so cool. Going to check this for sure.

  22. Jennifer G

    This is a great sweepstakes! My cousins LOVE them some Axe big time. I am going to have to share this with them as they use it so OFTEN!

  23. Yet another reason to love Sam’s! Our nearest store is over an hour away but I still make a monthly trip because it’s always a money saver. This is a great sweepstake too!

  24. Sam’s Club always has great deals! Our membership expired so we need to renew ASAP!

  25. These are all awesome products. I wish there was a Sam’s Club closer to me. I’d go there for all the sweet deals.

  26. I could definitely use a new touchscreen laptop that’s for sure! My computer is my office! 🙂

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