8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Car Automobile Detailing

8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Car



8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Car

There is nothing I hate worse than a gross, stinky car. But hey, truth be told I am a Mom so having a clean car all the time just may not happen right now. You understand right? However, the older I get (and the more kids I have) the more I realized I do need to start taking better care of items that I want to last a long time, especially when it comes to my car.

Today I’ll be sharing some easy cleaning hacks for your car! Some of them you may even have on hand right now! Ready to start? Let’s go!


8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Car


1.  Coffee Filters

When a friend told me she was able to get her car clean in a few minutes using coffee filters I almost laughed. Really?! So, I tried it myself and I couldn’t believe the difference! I use the coffee filters for my vents because they are pretty difficult to get cleaned using anything else! Thanks to the ridges in the coffee filters, they are able to get so much dust in between those links in the car! It was amazing the first time i tried it!

2. Cup Holder Cleaning

Let’s be honest, those cup holders can get pretty grimy and gross. But just attaching an old sock to a travel cup and wetting it with Windex can be an easy way to clean them out. Just twist it around in the holder, and anything stuck on will come off!

3. Pet Hair Don't Care

If you have a dog, chances are you also have a ton of hair that comes with him/her. Ugh- not cool for your back seat ( or passenger seat for that matter). Want a trick?  Fill up your spray bottle and lightly wet your seats. Then, with a squeegee like you would use in the shower, drag it along the seats. Instantly you'll see all that pet hair come right to the surface! I just leave the squeegee and spray bottle in my car all the time now to make it super convenient after a long day of traveling or fun at the dog park.

4. Flat Head Screwdriver

If you’re noticing all of the dirt that’s built up over time in the crevices, then definitely get that out too. And you can easily do this with a flathead screwdriver.

5. Windshield Wiper Streaks

Do your wiper blades streak across your windshield when it rains? It drives me nuts sometimes! Thankfully I found a solution to that problem! I wipe down my windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol and it helps prevent those smears and smudges!

6. Sweet Scent

Sometimes when I go to the store, I don’t really want to spend $2 on an air freshener! I do it the old fashion way. I’ll take old pineapple rinds, place them in plastic bags and stow them in my car to give it that tropical scent I love. Just make sure to take them out at the end of the week 😉

7. Polish Leather

If you have leather in your car, you want to make sure you’re treating it properly. I suggest using olive oil instead of those toxic sprays and chemicals! It instantly gives it the shine it need to last long and keep it intact!


8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Car


8. Carpet Cleaner

Likewise with harsh chemicals and spray bottles to give your car the clean and smell it deserves, find carpet cleaner that really will work best for your carpet using homemade solutions. To help get rid of those dark, dirty and muddy stains in your upholstery, combine white vinegar and baking soda together. This will create a paste and you can just work it right into your problem area with a toothbrush. Make sure to let it dry completely before vacuuming it all up! Your car looks brand new doesn’t it?!


8 Cleaning Hacks For Your Car

Image: Sanford and Son

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  1. Oh my goodness! You have no idea how badly I need these tips. Even though my little dog doesn’t shed, he gets his muddy and sandy paws everywhere!

  2. Coffee Filters? I would have never thought about using those. Now I kinda want to go clean my car just to use the coffee filters.

  3. Excellent cleaning ideas! I always notice how dirty the crevices near the gear shift console can be, and was curious on how to clean them. I can not wait to try that flathead screwdriver hack!

  4. Claudia Krusch

    Coffee filters have so many great uses. I will have to try a few of these hacks when I clean my car this weekend.

  5. Coffee filters is a brilliant cleaning hack. My favorite cleaning hack for cars is Wet Wipes, they are great for wiping down dash boards.

  6. I love these hacks. You really wouldn’t believe the many uses of coffee filters.

  7. sara

    These are some great car cleaning tips! My car is in need of some cleaning so we will be trying the coffee filter and toothbrush suggestions for sure.

  8. Awesome car cleaning hacks! I would love to share this with the husband, maybe it will make his life easier! I never even thought of using coffee filters! Who knew!

  9. I am going to try these hacks on my old dirty SUV. Thankfully, the cup holder has a piece that comes out so that you can take it out to wash it. I am known to use baby wipes to clean the interior too.

  10. I love a clean car!! I will definitely use some of these the next time I clean my out!!

  11. I’ll definitely share this informative post to my hubby especially the coffee filters! I absolutely love these tips!

  12. Victoria Heckstall

    This is so brilliant, I had no idea about these especially those coffee filters! This is absolutely amazing.

  13. These are brilliant hacks. I had no idea rubbing alcohol does that to your windshield wipers.

  14. Oh that hack to clean cup holders is genius! I love all of your tips! Going to use them this weekend as we were planning to clean the car! Thanks so much!

  15. This is so helpful we are cleaning our nowadays to save up some bucks. This is perfect we have all this stuff in our house.

  16. Pretty awesome tips! I could definitely use some of these! It’s always nice to learn new ways to clean the car especially since it’s going to make life easier!

  17. Thanks for sharing. I would definitly do these to my car!!

  18. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The coffee filters hack is something I will try this weekend! I will also have to do that Windex trick on the cup holders. Thank you for these tips. Now my car can have a thorough clean!

  19. ellen beck

    Great hacks! I also use a different method for pet hair. I put o a pair of rubber gloves and just wipe or rather brush off. For some reason the rubber catches the hair rolling it into a ball and its easily picked up. Odin leaves TONS of hair and he wants to always be in the passenger seat.

  20. Love the tips! The coffee filter trick is a great idea. Shared with my lady — she needs the help.

  21. Wow. Unbelievable. Nice DIY tips to clean

  22. ellen beck

    These are nice tips and just in time. I really like giving my truck a once over before winter. I hadnt thought about coffee filters for the vents, those would work great. I use all the rest- well except the pineapple one. I have charcoal in the truck- it absorbs odors!

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