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Genius Idea for Ski Moms – Lands’ End Lost Mitten Club

Lands' End Lost Mitten ClubI have my kids on this strict routine of what happens when we come into the house everyday. Right as they walk into the kitchen from the side door (pretty much the only door they come in), they must take everything off.

They hang their backpacks. They hang their coats. Shoes come off and go into the cubby. And any other accessories go into the box.

The reason that I do this? They lose stuff. They lose stuff constantly. I have been in tears before because one kid couldn't find a second shoe and we were about to be late for school. We spent 45 minutes looking for it only to find it under a bed. THIS is stressful.

This holiday season, we are taking our children skiing for the first time ever. We are heading up to Beech Mountain for a week and I started panicking when I realized that we all needed gear. I have a few odds and ends but not everything. Our kids had nothing.

It is no secret that I love Lands' End. I have been a shopper there my entire adult life so it was naturally the first place I headed to see what kind of ski gear they had.

I found the perfect items. Ski jackets, snow bibs, hats, gloves and snow boots for everyone plus a few other things. Then the anxiety set in.

OMG I know one kid is going to lose a glove or two. What will do? Should we buy extra? Ugh I am telling you that I freak myself out about these kinds of things and I get all stressed out. I really do. Honestly I said to my husband, “Let's place bets on who you think will lose a glove first.” We both laughed because we know that is a possibility.

I had to take precautions So I made certain that all three sets of gloves had hooks on them to attach to their jackets. CHECK. Then as I was skimming the description something caught my eye:

Lands' End Lost Mitten Club from Site

I thought that they were joking at first. I found it kind of witty. I went on my way and placed my order realizing later that I had forgotten a few things. Today I Googled Lost Mitten Club right before going back to shop at Lands' End and what came up is just a pure stroke of genius.

There really is a Lost Mitten Club at Lands'  End. You can read all about it. It is the smartest thing that I have ever seen a company do. If you lose a glove, they will let you buy just one at half the price of a pair. How amazing is that?

As long as they still carry it, they will sell you one glove. JUST ONE GLOVE. It is like they made this club just for me. My stress level dropped instantly after I read the description. If your family skis and/or if your kids wear gloves, then you might need to join the Lost Mitten Club.

It is nice to know that a company I love does something this helpful for its customers.

Lands' End Lost Mitten Club Long

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