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Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker System

Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker SystemThe Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker System really adds some serious dimension to any home theater. The sound is amazing and the room is now a place we never want to leave.


The Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker System features a sleek and modern slim single speaker deign, allowing it to easily mount on your wall, table, or wherever you may find a suitable flat surface. This single speaker design also allows for increased room and storage conservation with less equipment cluttering. Additionally, the design of this system also features a wireless link directly connecting the soundbar speaker to the acoustimass module, therefore eliminating the need for any stereo cables or wires to be connected between the two.

Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker System 3SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY

Cutting edge technology is utilized in this home theater speaker system. It includes the ADAPTiQ audio calibration system, which automatically analyzes and adjusts the sound of your system to flow with the specific dimensions of your viewing area. With the use of special headphones that are included, the proprietary software will automatically optimize the sound according to such factors as furniture arrangement, and speaker placement.

Another key feature is the flexmount automatic placement compensation. This technology can detect the orientation of the soundbar speaker, and will optimize the speaker sound to ensure the most spacious listening possible, whether mounted on the wall or simply lying on a table or floor.

With PhaseGuide sound radiators along with TrueSpace technology, the system will precisely guide sound waves throughout all directions of your viewing area ensuring the most precise and accurate listening experience available. This feature also improves the overall coverage of sound in the room.

SmartSource input selection system continually observes all of the systems audio auxiliary inputs and automatically matches the system to the best quality audio signal available according to what's currently playing on the television.

The Wireless Acoustimass module allows a wireless or cable free link to establish a connection between the module and the soundbar speaker itself. Also acting as a subwoofer, the module produces deep bass sounds and low notes for added true theater sound.

Accordingly the Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker System boasts the Programmable IR remote. This remote control manages the entire system and virtually any attached device, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and making the users experience that much easier.


  • Spacious home theater sound from a sleek soundbar speaker
  • System sound customized to room size, shape and furnishings
  • Easily connects directly to your HDTV, no receiver required
  • Wireless Acoustimass® module for low-note performance
  • FlexmountTM technology ensures optimal performance wherever soundbar is positioned

Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker System 2

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