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Our Favorite Back to School Clothes from Target

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Around this house, it is back to school all the time right now. School started a few weeks ago which means we are still:

* Settling into a routine
* Trying to figure out what we still need for the year (supplies, clothes, etc.)
* Getting rid of clothes that no longer fit and heading back to Target for more clothes.

We must shop at Target 2-3 times per week during the first month of back to school. Seriously.

It takes us a while to get back into a routine and Target definitely helps us do that. We can grab another pair of jeans or a new tshirt because favorite colors have changed (again). We also almost always seem to need new shoes and Target is always our go-to place for shoes as well. I would say about 90% of what my children wear comes from Target and 100% of their school supplies come from Target.

This is the first year that I let my 9 year old fashionista pick out all of her own clothes. I gave her plenty of options to pair things with but this was all her down to the shoes and accessories. She had a fabulous time and we spent about three hours at our favorite Target.


This Xhilaration® Girls' Maxi dress is stylish and comfortable. It looks great on and when our dog, is not trying to bite the bottom of the dress, my daughter says that she loves it!

This is also one of my favorites because it flows and looks great on her!.

Target MODE 5 Target MODE 3Target MODE 4

My daughter really wanted to try out the same color shirt with the same color shorts so she came up with this outfit:

Target MODE 2 Target MODE

The three quarter length sleeve means she can wear this in the winter with a sweater but it is also perfect for fall weather here in Atlanta as well.

Target MODE 9Target MODE 12 Target MODE 10

This outfit above was one of my favorite. The Rebel Girl tee with rhinestones is so cute and when paired with these skinny jeans, she has the perfect rocker look which she softened with a flower headband. She also added her new boots from Target to complete the look!

Target MODE 8 Target MODE 7

This dress is one of my daughters other favorites. She has worn this dress once a week since school started and she LOVES to wear it with her black boots. She has gotten tons of compliments and even has plan to wear with tights / sweater to make it the perfect winter outfit as well. She will still wear the boots!

Which outfit is your favorite?


Every little thing is a really big deal.

Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

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  1. We picked some stuff up at Target this year. Great styles and prices!

  2. What cute outfits! I’m not surprised you found such great stuff. Target has everything!

  3. I bought a bunch of cute things for my kids at Target. I love their stuff there and the prices are unbeatable.

  4. Pam

    I love shopping at Target for back to school outfits. They have some cute clothes and such great prices.

  5. I am loving all of these outfits! I really like the dress, though.

  6. Tracey

    Your daughter is such a great model and I love all the outfits! Perfect for back to school!

  7. deb

    Great finds. I love the Rebel Girl outfit!

  8. These outfits are great. I’m not surprised you found them all at Target. Your little pooch is so adorable!

  9. I like them all. The rebel shirt and boots outfit is my fave though. That’s fun!

  10. We did half of our shopping at Target this year and the other half at Kohl’s!! Love Target! I can never go in there for just a few items, I always come out with TONS of stuff!!!

  11. What a fantastic selection you got at Target. I love the long dress. The colors are incredible. What an adorable dog – so happily looking at her human sister and her new clothes.

  12. I really like the rebel girl outfit! Target has a great selection of clothes and I always got all of our school supplies from there. I love the one stop shopping!

  13. The Rebel Girl outfit is my favorite, too. I would have added leggings and swapped out the skinny jeans for yet another look.

  14. She has great style. Love the Rebel outfit the most.

  15. the striped dress is my favorite. She’s got great style

  16. love the maxi dress! love that she’ll go all pink and then to a black look too. not all 9 year olds will

  17. I love all of the looks, she is so beautiful and looks happy to be taking part in getting her pictures taken in all those awesome looking clothes! I don’t have a favorite, I cannot pick just one. What a great wardrobe!

  18. They all look so darling on her. My favorite is that cute little Rebel outfit!

  19. I love the rebel outfit! And she looks adorable in pink! Love target clothes

  20. I love the jeans! They’re so cool! We shop at Target just about weekly – year-round!

  21. I am a rocker girl so the Rebel Chick is my favorite! Adorable.

  22. veronica

    she is a natural at modeling these cute outfits. I love Target

  23. Love her outfits! I love shopping at Target for back-to-school items!

  24. Pam

    I love all those looks! Target is the best place to shop for back to school looks.

  25. We get a lot of items from Target especially shoes and clothes. My daughter has the same curtains, my mother in law made them. 🙂

  26. Love all of her outfits! She looks great. Target is awesome!

  27. Super cute! I LOVE Target! We did a lot of our back to school shopping there too!

  28. Cute clothes – Isa loves to shop at Target!

  29. I love target, I am there several times a week for EVERYTHING. There kids clothes are fabulous!

  30. What some great outfits, a little bit of everything! She is adorable as well, those are some great photos!

  31. The pink shirt and pink shorts are my favorite. It looks so soft.

  32. We are still settling into our routine too. It’s rough!

    You got some great stuff. We love Target and practically live there! LOL!

  33. Great outfits! I also love that cherry blossom tree! 🙂

  34. Love the Rebel girl shirt and leggings. Looks like she got some good stuff.

  35. I love dropping by to look at these outfits. What a wonderful way to start school – with new clothes from Target.

  36. Ann Bacciaglia

    I really like the first dress. I have always liked long dresses. I love the style and colors of all the outfits. Would make great gifts.

  37. Jeanine

    What a gorgeous girl, and great outfits too! She’s for sure ready for school! Love target!

  38. Amy

    I really like the flowery dress! So many great choices though!

  39. I love how sassy the dress and rebel outfit make her feel, you can see it in the pictures! Super cute outfits. 😉

  40. MickeC

    We did a lot of back to school shopping at Target too. I don’t remember seeing the same choices at our store, but they’re all very cute!

  41. Brett

    I love shopping at target! The last two outfits are my favorite. She looks very pretty.

  42. Great picks!!! My girls would really like these styles!

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