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Gain Wants to Know What’s Your Scent?

What do you think of when you hear Icy Fresh Fizz, Hawaiian Aloha or Sunflower & Sunshine? Do you picture building a snowman, reminiscing over your favorite tropical getaway or seeing a field of huge sunflowers?

I am scent lover and always have been. I really love scent in my clothing and in my home.

Different people have different preferences, memories and even experiences that make each one of us unique. Gain is celebrating peoples’ uniqueness with a campaign designed to help you find scents that are as unique as you. 

My favorite Gain scent is Island Fresh because it takes me back to the time I spent living in Hawaii. The warm island breeze, the scent of Hibiscus, the sound of the ocean. All of these things remind of Hawaii and really make me miss the islands.

I love how a scent can transport me back to Hawaii. I am instantly reminded about my favorite places, memories and things.

Which scent would you choose? Where will it take you?



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Now tell me…what's your scent?

This post is part of a compensated campaign.

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  1. Kay (@ACSKay)

    I am totally an original scent lover. It’s all I use! The other scents smell fine, but I just can’t get over the original! Maybe it’s because I’ve liked it for so long nothing else compares lol!

  2. Eldonna

    My favorite smell is unscented, truly that is the best.

  3. Elena

    Apple Mango Tango sounds good to me. I like fruity scents.

  4. Stephanie

    im a fan of friuty scents so i might like Apple Mango Tango

  5. kymi a

    my favorite scent is sunflower and sunshine with febreeze too Ooh!… plus I love the name!

  6. LAMusing

    I’d like to try Sunflower and Sunshine – it sounds so clean and happy. And I even have a sunflower tattoo 🙂

  7. ellen

    Icy Fresh sounds great… truly there is nothing fresher than the smell of snow. Sunflowers & Sunshine also sounds good- maybe do the cold smell when it is summer and the summer smell in the winter 🙂

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