Activision Family Game Summit
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Activision Family Game Summit Recap

Activision Family Game Summit

You may recall that I posted about the summit and ran a really cool giveaway from Activision last week:

Activision Family Game Summit 11/7 RSVP Here & WIN! #ATVIFamGames @ATVI_Family

I attended my first virtual conference yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I learned more about Activision and all of the cool games they are coming out with plus we even got to see people (including some game developers) playing the games for the audience.

The hour that I watched flew by as did the conversation on Twitter. I hope that you were able to attend the summit as it was very interesting learning about all of the new games being released.  Several of these games I am certain will be on my kids Christmas wish lists and I am kind of excited to try them out as well.

Activision Games

The coolest part for me was when they introduced Angry Birds Star Wars. It is such a cool game. I loved Darth Vader and the different color light sabers of the characters. I cannot wait to challenge my son to a game.

Another takeaway from the conference for me was the ESRB Rating Search App that you can download. That way, no matter when I am buying a game, I have rating access at my fingertips.

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