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FreshTech: SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger + Air Freshener

Tracking PixelFreshTech SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger Air Freshener

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FreshTech™.

FreshTech™: SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger + Air Freshener

Vehicles these days often come with some of the latest and greatest bells and whistles. From heated seats to satellite radio to rear view cameras and even voice operated computers, we've sure come a long way in making vehicles the new must-have luxuries. As fun as some of these add-ons can be, I'm a pretty simple gal and am just happy that my vehicle can get me from point A to point B everyday. Add in a few little extra perks like the radio, power windows and a sunroof and I'm happy as a clam.

Manufacturer bells and whistles aside, there are two thing that I've always had to have in every vehicle I've ever owned and that's a good charger for my phone and something to reflect my taste in scents that will keep my car smelling good for weeks. When I learned that there was a product on the market that could give me both of those things all in one product, I jumped on the chance to work with the company that produced them!

FreshTech SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger Air FreshenerFreshTech™ Charger + Air Freshener

The FreshTech™ Single and Dual Charger + Air Freshener was a gadget that I knew I was going to love. When you can have two of your favorite car accessories combined into one product, how could you not love it? The FreshTech™: SINGLE USB Car Charger + Air Freshener and the FreshTech™: DUAL USB Car Charger + Air Freshener are great little gadgets to have in your vehicle, especially if you're like me and love having a fresh smelling car while also being able to charge my needed devices while on the go.

A new gadget that is available from FreshTech™ is the Dual High Power USB Car Charger + Air Freshener. Just like it's counter parts, the single and the dual chargers, the Dual High Power USB Car Charger allows you to charge your devices and experience your favorite scent but the difference lies in the 3.4 AMP high power output so you can charge a smartphone and other device simultaneously.

FreshTech SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger Air Freshener

In addition to a higher charging voltage (you can charge a phone and tablet together), it has a flexible, articulating “neck” so you can position the charger in the optimum direction/angle to insert into your vehicle's power socket to connect to your devices. Like the other models, the Dual High Power USB Car Charger + Air Freshener provides odor elimination for up to 30 days.

Simply plug your car charger into your 12 volt socket to charge any device. Whether you have a phone, tablet, GPS or other device, you can hit the open road with confidence while knowing all of your devices can make the trip with you, all with the ability to be charged on the go.

FreshTech SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger Air Freshener

Want even more FreshTech™?

In addition to those awesome products, you can also get FreshTech™: Scent Refills. Want your car to smell fresh for longer than ever? The FreshTech™ proprietary scent ring delivers up to 30 days of odor eliminating fragrance so you can rest assured you're vehicle will stay smelling fresh, no matter what you're hauling around with you.

This collection offers customers the ability to buy refills of their favorite scents and includes smells like New Car Smell, Vanilla Bean, Fresh Mist, Apple Crisp, Black Magic and Tropical Explosion. These great refills are available in packs of 2 and provide your vehicle with up to 30 days of fabulous scents.

The FreshTech™: Magnetic Vent Mount + Air Freshener clips right onto your cars air vent which gives you a hands free experience yet your phone is secure. The magnetic mount also releases the same odor eliminating fragrance as the single and dual chargers, with scents lasting up to 30 days.

The FreshTech™: Vent Mount + Air Freshener rotates 360 degrees meaning that whether you need it horizontally or vertically, the phone cradle allows you to adjust it. The adjustable arm of the phone cradle fits devices up to 3 1/2 inches wide. At the same time, the air freshener harnesses vent air power releasing your favorite scent into the car.

 FreshTech SINGLE and DUAL USB Car Charger Air Freshener

Where can you buy FreshTech™?

The entire line of FreshTech™ products can be purchased in stores at Target Nationwide. Some products are also available at AutoZone and on Amazon.

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What FreshTech™ scent would you like to try?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FreshTech™.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    How cool! My boys can sure get smelly, so an air freshener is just what I need in my car.

  2. I totally need this! Our dog is always in our car, and my car always smells like dog! This would be perfect to help alleviate that awful smell.

  3. This is really cool! It’s funny how technology seems to advance in every way even in ways most people would’ve never thought of.

  4. This is an awesome idea! I have both of these things in my car, but I would love to have them together in the same device! I want one for each car now!

  5. This is a smart product. It maximizes everything. I need to have this as I always charge my phone.

  6. This is cool. I like that it is also a charger. My chargers seem to go out so fast.

  7. Awesome product! A car air freshener and a device charger. I always keep my car tidy and smelling fresh so I think this would be a good thing to have. Thanks for the review.

  8. I really like that you can fit your device on the vent mount. It would be great to have a nice scent going on our trips.

  9. I have a double USB charger in my car and I love it!! I can charge both my phone and my navigation at the same time now without having to pick between the two!

  10. victoria

    i love this product and cute charger on the car. My hubby should know about this

  11. This is so nice to have. IT reminds me of our recent trip, I forgot to bring my charger so my phone died on our trip, ugh.

  12. This is super cool. An air freshener and a gadget charger in one. I want this.

  13. That is so neat! And perfect timing because I do need to buy a new air freshener for the car.

  14. I have to find these! I hate how my van smells like wet dog in spring, and I am always needing to charge my devices. This is so perfect for my life! I hope I find it soon.

  15. That is a very cool product. Would love to have that in my car.

  16. I need this device! I can’t live without my USB charger! This product is so cool!

  17. That’s really clever that it is an air freshener too. I don’t have near enough plugs in my car, so double duty is a plus!

  18. Sounds like a cool product. Too bad car air fresheners make me car sick.

  19. I already have a dual usb car charger, but with air fresher?! I have to get one of this! This is really cool!

  20. Bonnie @wemake7

    Wow, those are pretty neat. My husband would love having this in his truck. I bet they smell great.

  21. This is a cool concept. I personally don’t like most car air fresheners because they are overpowering. I’ll have to check these out.

  22. Ryan Escat

    I totally need this device for my car. and it is cute. I need to get one

  23. Crystal Lopez

    Oh ! I have seen these ! How convenient to incorporate a charger and freshener all in one! a must for my car!

  24. I really need this!!! My husband and I both like to charge stuff so having a dual usb charger is great.

  25. Such a good device to have a charger as well as an air freshener to make sure you have a pleasant smell that could be so refreshing during your travel. I would love to get one from Amazon right away.

  26. This would be something I would love to try. Sadly when I purchased my new used van I didn’t realize someone had removed my charger thingy. This is such a great idea I bet my husband would love to try one.

  27. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo these air feeders sound pretty fab! With a toddler my car get smell pretty funky at times! It needs all the help it can get lol

  28. Krystal

    That looks like a dream come true for my car. Scents AND charging, I am in love with it!

  29. Sanjiv Kumar Agnihotri

    How can I get freshtech refills.

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