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Fresh Fall Looks From etnies

Etnies Shoes for Kids 4Etnies Scout fall pink Etnies High RiseMy kids are shoe lovers, just like their mother. We were recently sent some shoes from etnies to try out and all three kids were thrilled with what they sent. I had no idea that etnies made kids shoes.

Now you can find fresh fall looks on and these lightweight shoes will most likely become a favorite of your children. The shoes are well made and easily slip on little feet plus the laces are easy to tie as well. I love the color selections and types available.

Etnies Shoes for Kids 5ABOUT ETNIES

Established in 1986, etnies is the first skateboarder-owned and operated global action sports footwear and apparel company. By creating the first pro model skate shoe, etnies pioneered technological advances and changed the face of skateboard footwear forever. etnies stays true to its roots by sponsoring a world class team of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, moto x and BMX riders.

Etnies Shoes for Kids 8 Etnies Shoes for Kids 3 Etnies Shoes for Kids 2FROM ETNIES

Check out the latest line at & shop your favorite etnies Kids shoes – from crib shoes for baby, to “Grow With Me” toddler shoes, to the Marana line (originally developed for Ryan Scheckler) & more — in new colorways (boys & girls)

PLUS (for boys) shop sweatshirts, tees, denim/pants, accessories

High Rise (our focus for boys in fall)

  • Form meets function
  • Mid-top High Rise offers superb ankle support and protection
  • Features an STI Evolution Foam midsole AND STI Foam footbed for comfort
  • A gusseted tongue to keep water out

Scout Kids (Scout Line is for Girls, Boys, Mom & Dad … and everyone in between!)

  • Super light, flexible and breathable. Serious comfort AND durability!
  • A new style for 2014, the Scout Kids boasts maximum breathability with a mesh-covered upper, and all kinds of comfort with an STI Evolution Foam midsole with rubber pods, STI
  • Foam footbed and elastic heel support.

Etnies Shoes for Kids 1 Etnies Shoes for Kids 6WHAT'S STI EVOLUTION FOAM™?

etnies’ innovative and environmentally responsible approach to advancing product with technology, to produce lightweight, long-lasting, impact-cushioning footwear. Kids (and adults 😉 think it’s like walking on marshmallows!


etnies has already established themselves as one of the top skate footwear and apparel brands in the action sports industry. Why not give kids a taste of one of the most popular brands out there? etnies Kids allows younger generations to take a glimpse into the lives of pro athletes with the same high quality products – especially made for boys and girls, toddlers and infants.


etnies is fighting for our planet. We skate, surf, snowboard and ride BMX all on our ONE planet. It's all we have and we want to keep it healthy so we can continue doing what we love. For every pair of etnies Kids shoes sold, a tree will be planted. etnies’ Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree reforestation program helps kids see that their happy feet means a happy forest. With a goal to impact the planet in a positive way, etnies Kids’ collection is a part of the brand’s goal of planting one million trees by the end 2014.

etnies is committed to the betterment of the action sports community, humankind and our world’s environment. Pierre and the etnies team constructed a world-class skatepark near the company’s headquarters as a resource for the community. Plus, Pierre and etnies donate thousands of shoes to at-risk children and the homeless on an annual basis. You can learn more at

Etnies Shoes for Kids 12 Etnies Shoes for Kids 11


Created with the Sole Technology Institute, “Grow with Me” includes features that are specifically designed and developmentally sound for toddlers. The first part of the system ensures proper fit; the shoes are constructed on an extra wide last to accommodate the unique shape of children's feet as they learn to walk. The molded EVA footbed helps fill the heel cup and hold tiny heels inside the shoe. All of this is set atop a super-pliable TPR outsole that allows the flexibility needed for children's feet as they learn to take their first steps. As the child's foot grows, the insert can be removed, creating more room and increasing the time a child can wear the shoes—saving money and protecting little feet!



#fall4etnies and win a $200 shopping spree! Check out @etniesKids to learn about their clothes and shoes that not only up any kid’s cool factor, they’re super durable. Designed with the same technology that they use in the pro shoe lines, making etnies Kids the perfect blend of form AND function!

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Giveaway ends November 10, 2014 and is run by etnies.

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  1. My boys need some new shoes, so I will definitely look to see if they have some for my two. It looks like they have some really cool styles.

  2. Catherine S

    These look like really great shoes. I like all the design selections for boys and girls.

  3. Cute patterns, my kids would love those shoes. And they need new indoor shoes, so perfect timing to read this!

  4. I had no idea Etnies had so many different styles and design options. Love your girl’s sneakers!

  5. Those are cute shoes! All three of mine are growing like weeds and need new shoes every few months. I forgot how fast they grow!

  6. Super cool kicks. My kids would love them too. I also love that they give back – it’s great when companies do that.

  7. The high-tops for boys look cool; I really my son would like them. What more, I really like hearing that Etnies gives back to the environment; that makes them much cooler.

  8. When I saw the first photo, the first thing I noticed were the shoes. They’re so cool and fun!

  9. These are really cute and stylish shoes! I I am going to check these out for my own kids!

  10. I LOVE these guys! Their shoes look really cool, and I love that they give back to such good causes.

  11. Entries are such cute shoes. I love how trendy they are for both boys and girls!

  12. I love the shoes, but I’m most impressed with the other work that this company does. Planting trees and giving back to kids in need are two great ways to make the world a better place.

  13. I love this trend of companies that give back to people and the planet that I’ve been seeing lately. If more companies switched a little of their focus to things like that, we’d all be better off!

  14. Those are some pumped up kicks! I love the style, and I love what they’re doing to make our world a better place.

  15. These shoes are sweet! I love all the different styles you showed.

  16. Pauline Cabrera

    I like Etnies’ styles and designs. Your kids look good in them.

  17. Pam

    I had never heard of Etnies before! They come in so many cute styles! I’d like a few pairs of those myself!

  18. Those are sweet shoes! My kids would love them! I like the styles and designs.

  19. Shauna

    These are awesome. I will say that I have never heard of them, but totally hope to win… Thanks for sharing

  20. Oh boy do I ever remember when my kids were into Etnies. They loved the skater shoe styles most and of course it had to be the hard to find styles.

  21. D

    They look like great shoes

  22. Wow they look great! I haven’t heard of them before but if they are good, durable and comfy (I have a hard time finding my kids great shoes) id love them!

  23. These look so comfy! My daughter would love those floral print ones!

  24. Susanna @Zealous Mom

    What cute and funky items! I’ve never heard of this line, but I’ll have to check them out. I always like unique clothing for my boys.

  25. Those blue flowered shoes are adorable. I would wear those myself!

  26. Ann Bacciaglia

    I like how stylish these shoes are. The pink ones are my favorite.

  27. I hadn’t heard of Etnies before. Love the shoes they have!

  28. Seriously fun shoes for kids! I bet they love the unique designs

  29. Those bright pink ones are awesome. Love this giveaway, thanks!

  30. What a cute family photo. These shoes are super cute.

  31. When i was in high school these were super hot skate shoes!! Thanks for reminding me about such a great brand!

  32. Awesome shoes! When I was a teen, I lived in my Etnies!

  33. I just entered. They’ve got some good looking shoes. Tank you for hosting.

  34. Those shoes are just too cute. I also love the top pic with the dog licking!! Awww!

  35. Those shoe styles are adorable. I’ve never them before but they seem so practical yet stylish.

  36. The shoe styles are all quite different from each other too. Etnies is a line to consider for sure!

  37. All of these shoes look great! My daughter used to love Etnies. They are a great brand!

  38. chrissy va

    I am a sneaker fanatic. I love colorful designs and those pink are black ones are awesome!

  39. Looks like your little ones found styles that helped them express their personalities with Etnies! Cool! 🙂

  40. I love how lightweight these look and actually are for us to wear. I’m all for that! Thanks for the giveaway, too! This would be perfect to win!

  41. Erika Belanger

    Who is this giveaway open to???? Doesn’t say anywhere!

  42. Those are some cute shoes for the kids. I like that they are lightweight. I think I should get a pair of those black shoes for my son.

  43. Such cute shoes. I really like the fun prints. My kids would love.

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