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The Stork OTC Helps You to Know When it is Time to Concieve

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Stork® OTC by Rinovum Women’s Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

For years we tried to conceive but didn't have any luck. I finally went to my doctor and she told us to try chart my body temperature to see when I was ovulating. This was not an easy thing to do and in fact still didn't work for us because we really had no idea what we were doing.

The Stork® OTC by Rinovum Women’s Health was created to help women become pregnant from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. If you are just starting your journey or trying to conceive again, The Stork® can aid you in your chances of conception.

Learn more about the new, innovative conception aid


The Stork® is an at-home conception kit which is based on cervical cap insemination, a well-established technique used by healthcare providers for decades. Now available in the comfort of your home, a few additional benefits are that it can be purchased over-the-counter (OTC) at CVS locations or online (so you don’t need a prescription), it’s a drug-free product, and it’s easy to use.


The Stork® is a less invasive, proactive approach to conception that helps “bridge the gap” between natural intercourse and more costly, assisted reproductive treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). The simple design includes two main parts – the Conceptacle® and the applicator. The Conceptacle® consists of a condom-like sheath with a silicone cervical cap resting within the sheath. This is used to collect semen during intercourse, or alternatively can be used with donor sperm.

The applicator then cradles the cervical cap, and through tampon-like insertion it delivers the semen to the correct position at the cervix. The cervical cap is left for 4-6 hours until removal, similar to a tampon, and women can carry on with their normal activities throughout.


– people who are trying to become pregnant

– men diagnosed with low sperm count or motility issues

– women with a hostile vaginal environment (pH imbalanace)

– couples trying to become pregnant without intercourse

– healthy couples who desire to control timing.

Conception is not easy for every woman and having a product like this can provide peace of mind.

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  1. ellen beck

    I have never heard of this and for some it could help and possibly assist with pregnancy. I dont kknow if it would help like IVF , but it wouldnt hurt to try it if the price was resonable and before you got a diagnosis . I too had fertility issues.

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