Fashion Mistakes That Age You

Fashion Mistakes That Age You

Fashion Mistakes That Age You

If you're a mom or even if you are not, take a look in the mirror. Chances are you haven't looked at yourself much lately, and if you have you might not like what you see. Moms may not always known for their style, but that doesn't have to be the case, and if you're guilty of the worst fashion mistakes almost all mothers make.

We don't all have the luxury of having the latest fashions delivered to your home. You can change them today to make yourself look (and feel) better. We hope that this Fashion Mistakes That Age You post inspires you. 


Fashion Mistakes That Age You

Fashion Mistakes That Age You


Cheap clothing.

In a world of fast fashion, you need to look at clothing, especially dresses carefully before you buy it. I always look at fabric and cut plus I try things on before they earn a place in my closet.

I also love to mix in a few designer pieces with my everyday finds. Consider investing in a few timeless pieces by a designer. A piece like a Celine jacket can instantly dress up an outfit and make you look more put together. The same thing goes for handbags. Buy something that is quality-made.


Chipped nail polish.

Many moms paint their nails to look good for a special occasion and then they let it chip and fade without another notice.

It's understandable that you are busy and don't have time to keep up with a perfect manicure, but that chipped nail polish looks unsightly and can draw more attention than simply not having it at all will attract.

If you can't repaint your nails, take off the polish! It's that easy. If you like the look of nail polish, get the kind that dries in 60 seconds and do one coat at a time during nap time so that you can be sure to get at least one full hand done before someone demands your attention.


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Too much makeup.

Many people think of moms as women who look disheveled and don't wear makeup, Many moms do wear makeup and they overdo it to try to compensate for their extra weight, baggy clothes, or other things they are unhappy about.

Many women experience acne after having children and use makeup or try to mask it. The problem is, that too much makeup can draw the eyes to your acne or dark circles under your eyes. The solution?

Try a light CC cream, a light-colored eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss for your everyday look. Your face will thank you and you will look younger and healthier.


Fashion Mistakes That Age You


Baggy clothing.

Trying to hide your weight in baggy clothing? You're failing. Almost every new mom tries to hide excess pounds in loose garments, but this makes you look larger.

If you are sure you will lose the baby weight and don't want to buy too many new articles of clothing, instead invest in some basic pieces.

Two pairs of jeans that fit, a few basic T-shirts (that are fitted, not loose), and a couple of dressier shirts or summer dresses will help you look a lot better. But don't make the other big mistake and wear clothing that is too tight.


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Stringy hair.

You can't always fix your hair when you have kids underfoot. You don't even always have time to wash it, which leads to stringy, unkempt hairstyles. Invest in a dry shampoo and a hair dryer.

These two products will change your life and make it look like you've just had a blowout. If you haven't had time to wash or style your hair, blow dry it and then spray it at the roots with the dry shampoo. Brush out the ends and it will look clean and healthier.


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Wearing the wrong undergarments.

Your body is completely different after having a child. Your boobs may be bigger and your hips may be larger than that so you need to dress for that. It's ok and normal, but squeezing yourself into your old underwear won't work, and if you think that no one will see your undergarments, think again.

When you wear the wrong underwear it shows through in your clothing and makes you look lumpy under your clothes. Get a bra and panties that fit, and if you're still not happy with your shape you can buy compression garments to help you look smoother under your clothes.

Get yourself fitted by a professional if all else fails so that you can avoid these common fashion mistakes.

Hopefully, with this advice, you will be able to avoid the fashion mistakes that make you look older and have an appearance that you can be proud of. We hope that this Fashion Mistakes That Age You post inspires you. Happy shopping!



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