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How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face ShapeHow to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

If you need a pair of eyeglasses, then you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice. And it is an important decision. You need to pick a pair that you will be happy to wear every day and usually for a year or more, at a minimum. Fashions change, and so do our styles; therefore, the best way to find your perfect pair is to consider what style suits your face. We hope that you enjoy this How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape post.

Firstly, you need to decipher what your face shape is. There is a lot of information out there and many potential face shapes. But we want to keep it simple for you, so we have picked five categories which anyone could fit into, and we are going to tell you where to start to look.

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face ShapeHeart

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. Try oversized round or oval-shaped glasses that have thin, clear, or lightly colored frames are best. This will add balance to a wider face.

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face ShapeDiamond

If you have full cheeks but a narrow jaw and forehead, then your face is diamond-shaped. This is the rarest face shape! Many styles will suit you but try oval or rimless to start as they will help to highlight your best features. You may want to stick to delicate frames rather than anything which is heavy set. However, you also suit funky shapes such as horn-rim or cat-eye.

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face ShapeRound

A round face is one that has an equal width to its length. Avoid round frames, especially small ones. Instead, sharp-angled frames will look best, square or rectangle frames will look smart and flatter your features. Try one some full rim or semi-rimless frames and see what you feel most confident in.

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face ShapeSquare

Those with a square face have a wide forehead and jaw, usually accompanied by a strong jawline. The best glasses for this shape of face are ones that add length. A rounded frame will stand out and look great on your square face. You should also try out rimless glasses or glasses with a clear or light-colored rim.

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face ShapeOval

Oval faces usually have wider cheekbones and a narrower forehead and chin. If this sounds like you, then finding glasses should be easy, you should suit almost any style. Especially oversized frames – feel free to opt for some funky colors or shapes. However, you may want to avoid narrow frames or frames with a thick top, as these might add length to your face.

Whatever your face shape, there are glasses out there to suit you. If you are unsure about your face shape, head to this website to view what different celebrities’ faces are categorized as. Get the right pair and you will love to wear them. Glasses can be fashionable and you have a wide range of styles to choose from especially online. Many websites, such as Eye Buy Direct, will even allow you to upload an image so you can effectively try glasses on. Chose a shape and size that compliments your face and you will never want to take them off! We hope that you are inspired by this How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape post. Happy shopping!

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