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Find the New Poise Microliner at Walmart

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Poise at Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

You may have seen my previous post about Poise and dealing with LBL:

Poise Can Help with LBL

Have you or someone you know experienced LBL?

Light bladder leakage is very common and even more common among women who have given birth. The pelvic muscles weaken no matter which way the baby comes out and this can lead to light bladder leakage or LBL. LBL is something that millions of women deal with every day and there is something that can help. In fact, there are many things that can help. Poise with SAM can help.

Poise MicrolinersHAVE YOU MET SAM?

Do you know SAM? SAM, the new super absorbent material (get it? SAM) is part of the new Poise Microliner. SAM is not only the thinnest microliner available in the market, it also provides discreet Light Bladder Leakage protection. This can keep you comfortable and dry all day. SAM can help with leaks, odor and more.

In fact, SAM:

*Absorbs wetness

*Neutralizes odor

*Stays 3 times drier than period pads and liners

You can find the new SAM technology featured in a wide range of pads and liners from Poise all designed to help with LBL. They are available at Walmart and of course in Walmart’s every day low price. You can find the Poise product that fits you and your life perfectly.


The great thing about Poise is that no one even knows that you are wearing one of their super light microliners. They are thin and not at all bulky while they are on. Poise absorbs leaks without leaving any odor and in fact, no one will even know that you are wearing Poise. SAM offers that extra needed protection to give you peace of mind no matter what you are doing.

LBL no longer has to be something that keeps you at your house and causes you to miss an important event. Because now Poise can help and so can SAM.


You can find Poise at Walmart. While you are there, you can also learn more about Poise and find their full collection of products for Light Bladder leakage.


Visit the the Poise Coupon link and get your $1 off coupon under the “Liners” tab. How great is that?

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  1. I don’t have leakage issues, but there is a whole group of moms in my zumba class who do & there is always a collective sigh when a song with jumps comes on!

  2. These are so awesome and thin! Thanks for the coupon!

  3. Pam

    I’ve heard really great things about these microliners! They seem so comfy for a microliner!

  4. I need to grab some for myself… second trimester is really starting to… ummmm… leak?

  5. These are my secret weapon against aging and gravity. haha 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. I know I was wishing I had one of these on the SkyCoaster! Luckily my bladder was completely tensed along with the rest of my body. LOL

  7. I’ve met and use SAM. She’s awesome – and crazy thin!

  8. I love these. They’re so absorbent.

  9. I love how thin these are and that they really hold a lot!

  10. Wow! They are so thin! I will have to see if my mom has tried these. She says it has happened to her when she has laughed hard or held it too long and it slips. I’m not there yet, but I’m sure it is just around the corner. I turn 50 next year! 🙂 lol

  11. Discreet protection is indeed the key. Nobody needs to know anything slipped with a cough or sneeze.

  12. Discreet is the key to any kind of women’s protection. Sounds like a great product!

  13. The thinner the protection the more comfy. Walmart is one of my favorite stores places to shop.

  14. Oh yes! SAM and I met when I was heavily pregnant!! 😉

  15. I so need to check these out, my bladder is not the same after having 5 kids!

  16. Well hello SAM, nice to meet you!! lol Thanks for the coupon!!!

  17. I really love how thin these are. I already have to pack enough stuff in my purse for my 1 year old daughter, so I like that these don’t take up too much room.

  18. They really do make such great products.

  19. I keep seeing these commercials on TV too! Very popular item right now! =)

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