SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid

Add the SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid to Your Medicine Cabinet

Did you know that many childhood illnesses start with a sore throat? Also 90% of those illnesses are viral, a.k.a. “the common cold.”

This year we are staying ahead of the game by stocking our medicine cabinet with the things we need. – why not stay ahead of the pack with a new tool for your “medicine box”?

When it comes time to stock up for fall everything we buy will go into our medicine cabinet along with the SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid.


The new SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid helps you observe, compare and report to your doctor what's going on in your child's throat and mouth which is a great help in knowing exactly when you need a call or trip to the doctor.

Safe for kids six years and older and perfect for anyone with a strong gag reflex (which can make throat/mouth observation difficult, to say the least!), SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid includes a scientifically-designed, patented, tongue depressor that minimizes the gag reflex, flashlight and a chart with medical-grade illustrations and descriptions of six common childhood throat ailments (strep throat, coxsackie, mononucleosis, etc.), providing you with a solid basis for comparison to what should be seen in a normal throat. Just report your results to your doctor for advice on what to do next.

Every single trip to the doctor means money out of our pocket. SayAhh is perfect for parents because no trips to the doctor are necessary when instead your child simply needs hydration and rest.

This is really one of the smartest products that I have seen in a while. My husband and I immediately checked out our throats to see how it worked. For someone like me who has allergies but does get the occasional sore throat that ends up being more than allergies, this is perfect. Same for my husband.


Now you can download the SayAhh! Exam Guide App available in the Apple App Store and coming soon to Google Play.


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Now through November 1st, get free shipping when you purchase the new SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid online at!

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