How often should you replace bras and underwear?

How often should you replace bras and underwear?

How often should you replace bras and underwear?As women we have some everyday necessities in our wardrobe, this includes bras and underwear. These are pretty much necessary in our lives, I mean we could go out without them but it's honestly not very comfortable. Bras and underwear can get to be pretty expensive though, so I know I have definitely tried to hold on to the ones I've owned for as long as possible, but do you ever ask yourself, how often should you really be replacing your bras and underwear? Well, that's what we are going to talk about today.

Replacing your bras

When it comes to bras it is said that your bras should actually only last you about 6-12 months, sounds pretty crazy right? Usually after this amount of time, the straps tend to get really loose, the band around your chest becomes loose as well or worn down, and sometimes the under wiring becomes weak or even breaks/comes out of the bra. These are definitely tell tale signs you should replace your bras because it is important to give yourself the proper support that is necessary for proper breast health. Other causes to replace your bras can be weight loss or weight gain, there is damage to any area of your bra, or it is really just not fitting you properly.

Replacing underwear

As far as underwear goes, I really recommend just replacing your underwear when necessary. I think we all know that after a while our underwear does begin to wear out, the fabric becomes thinner, and sometimes you even end up with tears or possibly even stains from that special time of the month. I think you are able to make that call on your own and trust me you will know when to replace your underwear. I wouldn't recommend waiting too long, you should probably replace your pairs at least once a year or so depending on the amount of usage that you get out of them.

It is important to replace these things as often as necessary so you have the support you need at all times. We recommend washing in a mesh bra wash bag for delicates and Woolite for detergent. Make certain go off your own instincts and you'll know when to replace them, trust me.


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