Sony VAIO Tap 20 Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer

Sony VAIO Tap 20 Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer

Sony VAIO Tap 20 Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer

We are a crafty family. We love making things, trying new things and finding fun ways to re-do things that we have done before. Years ago my sister-in-law came to live with us and she was obsessed with Origami. She could make pretty much anything and it was pretty cool. My kids loved trying it out with her and making some fun things as well.

Once she moved out, the Origami kind of stopped as well. About six months ago, my son decided that he wanted to try it again so we found some YouTube videos and bought some paper so we can start making some fun stuff.

All three children decided to start with cranes but my son wanted to do something else as well but he wasn’t sure what. He said that he would decide after he made a few cranes.

First, to start making the cranes, we printed out this sheet:

While the printed instructions were helpful for my son, my two younger daughters really needed hands on instruction as well so we found a video to help. Check out the video my kids used to make the Origami Crane:

What is great about watching a video on the Sony Vaio Tap 20 is how large and portable the screen is. They can start and stop the video when they need to or even back the video up when needed.

My kids could each take turns having the screen right next to them or watch it together. But when they laid the screen flat, it was easier to make this:

All three kids made tons of Origami cranes in every color of paper that we could find.

My son then started his special project. Without instructions, he decided that he wanted to make a duck. So he created a small yellow square and then glued in on top of a larger square.

Using Family paint, he then drew the duck feet, two wings and eyes. He cut them out ad glued them onto his duck. He used a Sharpie to make the eyes exacted what he wanted.

Here is his super cute Origami duck (no directions because he did it all freehand):

20” touchscreen display.

The VAIO Tap 20 features exceptional picture quality and a capacitive touchscreen. The 20” 1600 x 900 touchscreen LCD is equipped with IPS (in-plane switching) technology so you can enjoy a crisp image from any viewing angle. Backed by Sony TV technology, the Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 adds sharpness filters and noise reduction to display rich, beautiful content on your VAIO Tap.

Built-in battery.

Equipped with a built-in battery, for cord-free convenience, the VAIO Tap 20 easily moves from home office to couch for the enjoyment of all. Simply pick it up and carry it room to room without having to worry about shutting down and re-booting. Perfect for when you want to bring the VAIO Tap to the garage to watch a how-to clip on car repair or when you need it in the kitchen to follow your favorite on-line recipe.

Multi-position PC.

The multi-position stand lets you tilt the VAIO Tap to achieve the ideal angle for any activity. From an upright position, just push down gently on the PC until the position is perfect for you. Lay it flat to play board games or prop it up to read. You can even hold it in your lap while sitting on the sofa while surfing the web.

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  1. Great review of the Sony Vaio which is perfect timing since i am in the market for a new computer

  2. Jennifer Wagner

    Very nice PC and I love those projects. Very cute.

  3. I love the Origami Crane! What a cute idea. I used to have a VAIO and LOVED IT! I may need to consider it again for my next computer.

  4. I love how he went out on his own creative bent with the duck. So cute!

  5. Alejandra

    I love the Origami duck! This is a great review of the Sony Vaio and I will definitely check it out since I’m in the lookout for a new toy for my family. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sarah L

    It’s amazing that your son was able to make the duck without any instructions! I’d love to have the computer.

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