You may recall that I am doing some work with Windows Phone. I have posted a few times about how much easier my life is because of my phone. Check out my previous posts:

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On a typical day in my house, the afternoon goes something like this (TEXTS BETWEEN MY HUSBAND AND ME):

Hubs: What are we having for dinner?

Me: Whatever you are cooking?

Hubs: Seriously. What do we have there that we can eat?

Me: Oh I was serious. There is pretty much nothing here.

Hubs: We can go grocery shopping.

Me: We could but we need a list. We cannot shop without a list. Remember the great snack cake incident? {Husband found a great deal on snackcakes and came out with about 20 boxes of them}

Hubs: Thought we weren't going to speak about that again.

Me: Well that is exactly why we need a list!

At this point, I would usually start the list and we would share it with each other over the course of the afternoon. We would each add the things we need to buy to make dinner that night.

Before heading to the store, I usually pull up a few sales flyers to see what kind of deals are available out there. I look at Publix, Target, Walmart ALDI and Kroger online. Then I decide which store or stores to shop at.

I also see which coupons are available from each of these stores and add those to my phone as well.

Creating and sharing a list with my husband, scouting out store sales ads and adding coupons to my account saves me a lot of time in the grocery shopping process. I do it all from my phone.

Once I get home, I usually check out a few of my favorite recipe sites to see what we are going to make for dinner that night. Once I find the perfect recipe and after making certain I have all of the ingredients on hand, I get cooking.

See how the phone sits right up on my cookbook stand?

My phone has made my life easier in so many ways. Cooking in the kitchen has never been faster or simpler and this is all due to technology.

Brought to you by the new AT&T Nokia Lumia 900.
Tasks. Joys. Simply Faster.

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  1. AnnaB

    I really need to check this out and get myself a Windows phone.

    What cooking site is that? I could use some new recipes too.

  2. Char

    Never occurred to me to use my cellphone when cooking. Great tips. Thanks.

  3. Jen B

    Great phone. I could definitely use a new phone.

  4. Henry H, {Writer}

    Interesting perspective on how people use their phones in every day life. We use our phones for so many different purposes and it has been interesting to see all of the ways that you use your phone.

  5. JMFC

    Yeah I love the new Windows phone. I really wish there were more apps but a guy can dream, right?

  6. Elaine L. {But Why Mommy}

    I love my Windows phone and have had one since they first came out. I am a definite fan and would not consider anything else.

  7. TTB

    Totally. Cool. Phone.

    Is that the cover for the phone or is it included?

  8. NancyB

    I am loving the Windows phone. I have read all of your post and can really appreciate the versatility.

  9. Leigh

    I wanted you to know that after reading your first few articles, I went a bought a Windows phone. I was undecided on what phone to get next but you helped me decide. Thank you.

  10. Tammy S

    I also use my Windows phone to store my grocery list. I used to make a list an then leave it on the kitchen counter. I love being able to have my list on me at all times.

    Love my Windows phone! Best phone ever! 🙂

  11. Renee Ragucci

    Thanks to the people who invented these technologies that made our life easier. I can’t imagined what my life would be if I don’t have the gadgets that I have now. As what my mom told me, good thing you now have computer unlike in their generation, there are no computer or Internet that can help them finished their work faster.

  12. So.. the Nokia Lumia 900 won’t come out in Sweden until next month – that’s the word on the street anyways.. but yes, so waiting for one! Does it have Instagram..? Because as of now that’s my main reason for probably buying an iPhone, but hubby is patiently waiting for the Lumia..

  13. ellen

    Constantly amazed what these phones can do- the coupons I dont really get how it works without a printer, is a QR code thing or something? I do like how you can use it before shopping and after.

    PS- I dont take my hubby shopping………. he is like a kid constantly throwing snack junk! We have had one of those snack cake incidents too 🙂

  14. Jennifer Marie

    My life needs to be easier-thanks for the ideas!

  15. Karen Propes

    I love this phone and don’t even have one. This is such a great invention. This would sure cut out my DH saying, oh I forgot that.. Of course he does have to look at the list, it might jar his memory. We do shop at different stores, so I will give him a break. He does the shopping and cooking. I’m happy! But anything to add those little things when he says he can’t hear his phone………… , there is no answer for that, I’m not complaining. I really wish he wouldn’t say well I should have gotten onions. DUH>>>>>>>>>>.
    Thanks to another look into this fabulous phone.

  16. Margo C

    Looks like a great phone. I would be lost without mine.

  17. Anne Lehnick

    I just love the color of that phone! I also long for the day I can have my grocery list on my phone. I will jot notes on my semi-smart phone, but it doesn’t have “apps” so it’s not really a grocery list. I also can’t access my coupons or sale flyers from my phone. Well, I could probably get the Target ad, but it would take awhile to load. Soon I will have a newere, smarter phone!

  18. Margot C

    We have an app where you can scan the bar codes on stuff with the phone and see what the prices are at other stores. While I’m not going to drop everything and make an extra stop based on a 25 cent savings on dish washing liquid I do make notes (in the phone) about where the prices are and plan accordingly when I can. If it’s a bigger ticket item like a giant pack of paper towels it can really make a difference.

  19. Margot C

    Also! You mentioned Epicurious up-thread, I love that site. I have HUGE recipe file there also at Inspired Taste.

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