Must-see attractions in Kuwait
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Must-see attractions in Kuwait

Must-see attractions in Kuwait

Must-see attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait, the capital city of Kuwait, is geographically located along the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. The country’s unique culture and rich history make it an exquisite tourist destination for the ultimate memorable adventure with many unique attractions sites. From the traditional architecture to the beautiful mosques, the azure beaches, modern skyscrapers, Kuwait City offers a good blend of modernity and ancient times.

With sunny weather almost all year through, Kuwait is a quite superb holiday destination, if you are looking for an intriguing and exceptional experience, you can travel to Kuwait by getting your Kuwait e-visa and live an incredible holiday.

The Grand Mosque

This magnificent and massive piece of architecture is the largest mosque in Kuwait that opened in 1986 and surprisingly survived the Iraqi invasion. The mosque is a national pride with extravagant features from the tree-lined courtyard, the striking gold-plated center dome, stained-glass, and intricate marble detailing not forgetting the replica of the oldest Quran in the glass cabinet all culminating in a breathtaking and resplendent piece of art.

Guided tours for the mosque are available, giving the tourists a first-hand experience of the hospitality and warmth of the locals. Being a Muslim Country with conservative laws, the women must wear an Abaya and headscarf (full-length robe) which are provided.

The Scientific Center

The center is housed in a striking sail-shaped building and is arguably one of the largest aquariums in the Middle East. Setting a good example of commitment to the care and preservation of the ecosystem, the center is both a cultural heritage and a milestone in sciences. With its luminous bright jellyfish, giant spider crabs, and massive sharks, it promotes public awareness and provides knowledge of the ecosystem and wildlife of the Arabian Gulf Region.

An IMAX theater with educational videos on nature, science experiments, and sand games is available for the children. In the parking lot is a car pulley system, which is the center’s best attraction.

The Kuwait Towers

With its exceptional architecture, the three slender towers on the Kuwaiti skyline that stand along the Persian Gulf is a unique tourist attraction site. Officially inaugurated in March 1979, the towers are considered a landmark and symbol of modern Kuwait. Offering a panoramic view of the city and the sea, the spherical shapes on two of the towers are quite captivating and worth seeing. The viewing deck hosts a fine dining restaurant in one of the towers.

The Kuwait National Museum

The Kuwait national museum, designed by French architect, Michel Ecochard, represents and preserves the history and heritage of Kuwait. Formerly a residence of the Al Sabah family, the museum was plundered during the Gulf War but later restored with exhibitions of archeological discovery displayed in plenty while the Art collection of the al-Sabah family is showcased. Standing out is the collection from Failika Island, which is quite striking as it dates to the Bronze Age.

House of Mirrors

An architect by a local Italian artist and her late husband, the House of Mirrors is a spectacular mosaic of looking glass, paintings and a collection of recycled items turned into amazing figures. The house, covered from ceiling to floor with an array of mirrors both inside and out, has glow-in-the-dark displays and an exhibition of hula rings covered in flashing lights. Staring into the mirrors gets you enraptured and takes you to fantasy land in this marvelous and impressive home of sheer beauty. The artist brings a personal touch by offering tours by appointment.

Ice Skating Rink

Considered a landmark, the Rink is the only ice skating facility located in the middle of the desert in the entire region and is home to the Kuwait Falcons, the national ice hockey team.

Exciting matches against locals and foreign teams are organized, where locals and tourists can both watch. Apart from sports games and ice hockey, the rink holds diverse shows and festivals, private and public events, and family shows. Ice skating in the desert should be on top of the bucket list for any tourist visiting Kuwait. With its natural appeal and rich culture, Kuwait is the perfect destination to discover, inspire your dreams and change your life.

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