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EverydayFamily.com is a great website for families and parents to share their everyday lives.

In addition to Baby Photo Galleries, you will find week by week newsletters, photo contests, a portal for everyday use,  a baby name finder, an engaging community, shower invitations, grocery coupons, polls FREE baby stuff plus contests, sweepstakes and more.

You will find various topics such as Preconception (ovulation calculators, TTC stories and ways to boost your odds), Pregnancy (due date calculators, gender predictors and trimester by trimester breakdowns), Baby (birth announcements, baby care logs and breastfeeding info), Toddler (height predictors, journals, recalls and development), Parents (recipes, relationships, money basics and health & fitness), Blogs (Child Development, Momspirational, Thrifty Mom's Two Cents and Celebrities and Sippy Cups) and a new topic called EFTV.

EFTV or EverydayFamily TV shares the best videos from the web along with the launch of its first channel, “The EverydayFamily Room with Leigh Koechner”. You will find videos on cooking, parenting, lifestyle, marriage and pregnancy.

Everyday Family is a comprehensive website that has everything potential, new and even seasoned parents need. There is a lot of information just waiting for you.

EverydayFamily.com brings its more than 3 million members a daily dose of interactive parent talk with video, forums and more. Check it out today!

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