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Etsy Makeup Brush Holders Review

Etsy Makeup Brush Holders ReviewEtsy Makeup Brush Holders Review

When you are as big of a makeup hoarder as I am things like brushes and tools tend to build up and all of a sudden you have a ton of these brushes that you have no where to put them. I wanted to find a solution to that problem and went on the search for some really adorable, affordable makeup brush holders that I could use to display all of my brushes on top of my vanity. As with many things, I took to Etsy because you can just find some of the cutest things on there for such an affordable rate.

I came across the shop MySweetCannella where I found so many cute holders that fit my style perfectly, they were colorful and filled with sparkles! lol I decided to just go ahead and get two to start out because I wanted to make sure they would be of decent quality and that they looked as good in person as they do in the picture.

Etsy Makeup Brush Holders ReviewI ordered a pink sparkled makeup brush holder jar with the saying “Too Glam to Give a Damn” and a yellow jar with the saying “I'm So Fancy” I thought the sayings were perfect to display with a makeup collection and I was so excited. I was impressed by the fact that I ordered in the morning from this shop and my order was shipped later the same day. I received my order within 2 days and everything was packaged fantastically and safely. The inside is filled with some sort of adhesive and then glitter is all throughout the inside. I was a bit concerned with the glitter being on the inside at first because I thought it would flake off and make a mess everywhere all over my makeup brushes, but I was impressed that none of the glitter came off onto any of my things.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the product in itself as well as the service provided by the shop owner. The product is cute, works great for what I need it to and they are very affordable. I will definitely be purchasing a couple more of these adorable jars because I absolutely love them and they made an amazing addition to my makeup collection.

Etsy Makeup Brush Holders Review

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