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Ecohome Twitter Chat

#EcoHolmes Ecohome Twitter ChatJoin the #EcoHolmes Ecohome Twitter Chat 8.1.18 at 7pm EST: Keeping Your House And Your Energy Bills Cool

We are back with another fun Twitter chat. You know how much we love our DIY projects, right? Well did you know that when doing many these projects, one of the key components is for us to save energy in our home. That kind of stuff is important to us. We upcycle, we recycle, we do whatever we can to cut costs and when it comes to DIY, there are many things that we don't even know about. One of those things is the Ecohome.

About the Ecohome

The Ecohome is an energy saving device for your A/C system. It’s installed between your thermostat and A/C unit. It monitors your temperature settings and regulates your A/C’s compressor so that it uses energy more evenly and efficiently.

The Ecohome works with the customer’s existing thermostat and A/C setup. There’s no need for expensive upgrades to either unit. It works with both smart and regular thermostats. Ecohome doesn’t require you to change your temperature settings. Ecohome runs silently in the background with nothing to program or set. Ecohome can reduce your energy bills by 20-40% per month without changing your daily habits. Ecohome technology has been used for years commercially with some of the biggest companies in the world and is now being offered to homeowners.

#EcoHolmes Ecohome Twitter ChatJoin the Twitter Chat on 8.1.18 at 7pm EST

Now that you know a little about how Ecohome works, why not join our Twitter chat this Wednesday where special guests Mike Holmes, Sherry Holmes and Mike Holmes, Jr. will be on hand to answer questions and share some of their expertise.


Mike Holmes: @Make_It_Right

Sherry Holmes: @sherryl_holmes

Mike Holmes Jr.: @mike_holmesjr

Ecohome: @Ecohomecool

DIY Influencers: @StacieinAtlanta@FoodieFather, @SunAndSeaSalt  and @KatieFemia


#EcoHolmes Ecohome Twitter Chat


Twitter with the hashtag:


August 1, 2018 at 7pm EST


One of three Amazon gift card prizes. 1 for $100 and 2 for $50


Let us know you're coming by using the linky below to record your Twitter handle. Winners must be present at the party and have Tweeted at least 10 original Tweets. Retweets do not count.

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