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Easy Mediterranean Tabouli Recipe

Easy Mediterranean Tabouli Recipe

Easy Mediterranean Tabouli Recipe

Tabouli Salad is a Mediterranean staple that is the equivalent of our American Chef salad because it comes with every meal. Fortunately a Tabouli salad is easy to make and can become a staple food for your family too. It is a perfect Garden meal since most items found in Tabouli salad are grown in the typical backyard garden plot and can transition to your table for an inexpensive, light and refreshing Summer meal. If you are looking for a tabouli salad recipe, traditional tabouli recipe, the best tabouli recipe, an easy tabouli recipe, taboulie recipes, a tabouli recipe easy, the best tabouli salad recipe or even a basic tabouli recipe, our tabouli recipe with bulgur wheat will be loved by all. We hope that you love our Easy Mediterranean Tabouli Recipe.

Easy Mediterranean Tabouli Recipe



  1. Boil 2 cups of water and pour over bulgur wheat. Let sit until water is absorbed and wheat has puffed up.
  2. When cool add the tomatoes, parsley, onion, tomatoes, salt , oil and lemon .
  3. Mix and refrigerate covered until ready to serve, preferably the next day for best taste.
  4. You can add some heat to your Mediterranean Tabouli with red pepper flakes or eat it with some warm Pita bread and chicken kabobs for a light, healthy Summer meal.

Whether you were looking for the best ever tabouli recipe, a mediterranean tabouli recipe or even want to know tabouli recipe ingredients, then our tabouli recipe bulgur wheat will delight everyone. Tabouli calories are low, making it a perfect diet food. Tabouli is also easy to make and stores well in the refrigerator. You’ll love the versatile Tabouli salad and make it a staple at your family meals. We hope that you love our Easy Mediterranean Tabouli Recipe. Happy cooking!

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  1. Sarah L

    I have eaten this at restaurants but never tried making it at home. Pretty easy. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. nicole dz

    YUM! Great easy recipe to make & follow! Cant wait to make this with the fresh tomatos where growing in our garden. Like the idea of the pita bread paired with it, I would also put it in a lettuce wrap with some chicken. Great summer recipe!

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