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DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter Wreath

DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter Wreath


DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter Wreath

If you love bringing the fresh scent of pine into your home all winter long, this DIY fresh pine monogram craft is an activity you won’t want to miss. Simple to make, this monogram looks like a piece you would buy in a specialty boutique. But the truth is, you can make it yourself in just minutes and for under $5! Take a peek below at how to make your own to enjoy or give as a gift. They smell just as great as they look. We hope that you love this DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter Wreath.


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I have always wanted to do a boxwood initial wreath or one of those southern monogram wreaths. I think that the perfect DIY wreath or boxwood wreath is one that uses supplies and things that you already have around the house; it's the perfect Christmas craft. This Christmas wreaths DIY makes the cutest monogram wreath letter with this initial wreaths for front door DIY.



DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter WreathDIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter Wreath



Pro Tip: Pine swag can be found in nature for free, or you can ask a local tree lot if they have any scraps available. This is a great way to get the supplies you need for this craft for less.


DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter Wreath



  1. First, soak your swag stems in water overnight. This will ensure the pine is soft and easy to work with. It will also help it last longer.
  2. After 24 hours, begin snipping off pieces of pine. One inch lengths should be sufficient.
  3. Lay your letter flat. Start at the bottom of the letter and apply a generous amount of hot glue. Cover a one inch by one inch square with the glue.
  4. Working quickly since your glue will harden quickly, begin pressing the one inch lengths of pine to the cardboard. The pine pieces should be glued so the needles are all going the same direction.
  5. Apply another section of glue and repeat. Keep applying the pine sections so they are close together, covering a small amount of space at a time.
  6. Once you have covered the front of the letter, start doing the sides. You will want shorter pine pieces for this task. ½ inch lengths of pine are ideal. Apply the glue and continuing pressing on the pine to cover the space.
  7. Now step back and see if you have any thin spots on your letter. Cut additional pieces of pine and fil in any areas that need a boost.
  8. The only thing left to do now is apply a ribbon for hanging. You can either run the ribbon through the letter or glue it to the back of the letter as we did.



These fresh pine monograms are so easy to make, and can be displayed from your door, mantel, or even the back of a dining room chair. Give them a try and add the fragrance and charm of fresh pine to your home this winter season.

Whether you were looking for a boxwood letter wreath or a initial wreaths DIY or a monogram boxwood wreath or a letter wreath for door DIY, this DIY wreaths for front door is the cutest monogram wreath DIY.

To know how to make a monogram wreath, follow these directions exactly. We hope that you are inspired by this DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter Wreath. Happy crafting!



DIY Fresh Pine Monogram Letter

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