e.l.f. Studio Line Matte Lip Colors Review Makeup Cosmetics

e.l.f. Studio Line Matte Lip Colors Review

e.l.f. Studio Line Matte Lip Colors Review

One of the biggest trends out in the beauty community these days are various types of matte lip colors. Every line, drugstore or high end, are coming up with their very own type of matte lip color. There are different forms such a liquid lip stick, a lip gloss, or even just a standard lip stick.
e.l.f. has always been one of my favorite brands over all, between drugstore and high end, everything!e.l.f.  is such a high quality brand that is at a really affordable price. I will be talking about the newe.l.f.  Matte Lip Colors that were recently released in the e.l.f.  Collection! I picked up 3 shades out of the collection, only because that is all that I could find! These were all just around $3 each, such a great price!
These lipsticks are a part of the e.l.f. Studio Line, which means it comes in the black packaging! This is such a beautiful packaging in my opinion, it looks so beautiful and sleek! For these particular lipsticks, the packaging is a long all black tube that has the color of the lipstick on the very end of the packaging which is very nice because then you can easily see what color you want to reach for without rummaging through all of them to see which color is which. The colors I picked up were Natural, Praline, and Rich Red.


This e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in NATURAL is an absolutely amazing every day. Natural is the perfect name for it because it is just a beautiful nude color that will great on any person, any skin tone and I would highly recommend you pick this one up!


This e.l.f. Studio Line Matte Lip Color in Praline is a gorgeous coral/orangey nude shade. This is my favorite color of the three that I picked up and I know I will definitely be using this one a lot! I think this is a great color for Fall and I will definitely be using it this Fall Season!
e.l.f. Studio Line Matte Lip Colors Review

Rich Red

This one is a gorgeous really Rich Red, the name is perfect for this one! This is a great everyday Red color! I think that this will be absolutely beautiful this Winter and I will definitely be using it for attending any Holiday parties that I have on the schedule this Winter!
The formula for these lipsticks is absolutely amazing! I love it! This lipstick is extremely pigmented and you definitely get a ton of color payoff. The thing with matte lipsticks is that they sometimes dry your lips out but I've found that these ones do not! These dry completely matte and leave your lips just as moisturized as they were before you applied it! These are also extremely long lasting! I applied this and it lasted for several hours throughout the day, even when I was eating and drinking all day long!
If you are wanting to try some e.l.f. matte lipsticks, but you don't want to spend a ton of money…these are definitely your best bet! I would highly highly recommend going to pick these up and anything else by e.l.f.!

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  1. Catherine S

    This looks like a great brand and I love all the colors. The Rich Red is my favorite one.

  2. I know that e.l.f carries a wonderful line of beauty products. I love that they have these matte lip colors available. Thanks for sharing, going to check them out!

  3. That looks amazing! I love the lipsticks that ELF has and these would be nice to add to my collection. Sounds like these are a must have!

  4. Meagan

    These sound like great options. I like the colors you shared.

  5. ELF is a cruelty free brand, right? I love that their products are affordable and the colors of their lippies are perfect for the season!

  6. This brand is one of my faves when it comes to lipsticks and I’m excited for these three. Matte lippies are definitely something that I use often. Thanks for sharing your experience with this.

  7. Rosey

    I wouldn’t mind trying that rich red. It’s a color I don’t don often, but I do really like it.

  8. I love this price point! Sometimes you don’t know if you really like a lipstick color until you wear it for the day and at this price, I can try a few!

  9. e.l.f products are my favorite. They carry such a great and wonderful variety of products. These matte lip colors are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  10. These are gorgeous shades. i have a lot that they match!

  11. I have been using e.l.f. products for a few years and have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve tried from them. I love their line and how affordable it is. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these new lip colors.

  12. I’ve been using an elf cosmetics for a while now. I have all of the lip colors and the deep red is my favorite. Some of them even have a yummy taste to them!

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