Do you need to let your nails breathe?

Do you need to let your nails breathe?

Do you need to let your nails breathe?Do you need to let your nails breathe?

I'm a girl that absolutely LOVES getting my nails done. I try to get my nails done every few weeks and I love switching up colors and styles all the time. There is a bunch of controversy surrounding the subject of whether or not polishing your nails too much can be bad for them or not, the question is whether or not we need to allow them to “breathe”.

I began to wonder the same thing and that is why I did a bit of research to figure out the answer. Today I am going to be sharing with you the answer to that amazing question.

So just to start off this I'm going to simply say, no it is not necessary to let your nails breathe. However, let me explain why this is. Researchers and experts have said that because our nails are made up of keratin and protein, just like our hair it is not necessary for them to breathe. Our nails are not a living part of our bodies, which means that putting polish on them is not hindering their health and growth because they do not need that oxygen in order to do so.

Although experts have said that keeping your nails polished is not going to hurt you and it is not necessary to let your nails breathe, they have also said that it still can be potentially good for your nails to let them take a break.

I know that statement totally contradicted what I said before but let me explain. They have also said that nail polish if left on for really long periods of time, can cause discoloration to your nails. So, with that being said as long as you care for your nails properly and keep them healthy, you can keep your nails painted and looking fabulous as much as you want.

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