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Do You Need a Shoe Makeover?

I am a lover of shoes. I love cheap ones. Expensive ones. Cute ones. High heeled ones. Flip flops. All kinds of shoes.

But mostly I love comfortable shoes that look good as well! Fashion meets function.

I have this very strange habit that my kids seem to love. I take pictures of my shoes all of the time. I take pictures of their shoes too. I save them all of the phone of my camera. Then my kids like to look and try to remember which day I wore what shoes. I have been doing it for years.

I am planning to attend the Blogher11 conference next month and I am really excited. But there is a lot of walking at this conference so my shoes MUST be comfortable AND stylish. I want them to look good but after a 12 hour day, I want them to feel good too.

This is where Naturalizer can help! Naturalizer shoes offer both fashion and function. And they should be on my feet at Blogher, right?

I would love to help spread the word about Naturalizer during the course of natural, organic conversations at the conference. In addition, I would also love to give some ambush shoe rescues to some other deserving Blogher attendees during the conference. If the other attendees want fashion and function as much as I do, then they will love wearing Naturalizer.

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DISCLOSURE: This opportunity was presented to you by Naturalizer and the Brown Shoe Company, through MyBlogSpark, and that the post serves as your entry to win a sponsorship for your attendance at the 2011 BlogHer Conference.

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  1. I LOVE shoes too and would love to have you ambush me and give me a shoe makeover, this pregnant momma will need comfy shoes for all that walking!

  2. This would be seriously the best thing ever! I love cute shoes that are comfortable and with wide feet that is usually a tough bill to fill.

  3. Caitlin {Pacifier In My Pocket}

    What a fun idea! I am always torn between cute styles and comfort, so I tend to stick with flip flops.

  4. Who wouldn’t love a new pair of comfy shoes! Especially during a CA trip! Heck ya!!!

  5. I really like shoes too, but jeans more so 🙂 Oh, and you have cute feet!

  6. If you know of a high heeled shoe that is actually comfortable, I would love to hear about it lol. I do not own a pair of heels, because every time I have worn them, it has been excruciating!

  7. I could totally use a shoe makeover.

  8. I adore Naturalizer shoes, heck did a review on their boots simply because I loved them! I consider you a woman who’s expert on the subject of shoes, please ambush me!

  9. I need an ambush so bad for cute comfortable shoes!!

  10. Eileen

    My mom always sings the Naturalizer praises so always thought they were for OlDER women. haha! they are cute and comfortable and have come a long way to fashion since I remember her first few buys. I have to laugh because she is 79 and I guess now at 50, I have been one of those’ OLDER women myself for a while. Plus, with a bad back and a whole handful of back surgeries behind me, I know the importance of comfort and the right heel for ME. dern, with I could get up the courage to blog and you could ambush me for shoes makeover anyday!

  11. How hot do your shoes look right there? I’m totally planning my wardrobe for BlogHer around comfy shoes. I made the mistake of not doing that last year, so I won’t do it again.

    So excited you won! See you in a couple days at BlogHer! Yay!!!!

  12. Congratulations Stacie! I hope I see you at BlogHer because man, am I going to be in need of shoe rescue. Last year my feet just about fell OFF from all the walking!

  13. CONGRATS, I am so glad you won! I hope we run into each other and you deem me “shoe rescue” worthy. Also, would just love to chat!

  14. huge congrats on winning! You are a perfect fit to rock Naturalizer at #blogher11

  15. i will need to be rescued for sure Stacie!!! i will be limping along in bright colorful clothing!!! XOXOX

  16. Congrats on the win! I will be looking for you at BlogHer!
    …ahem, size 8.5 *cough cough* LOL

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