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Do You Do Online Banking?

I have been into online banking for years but it has always been with a bank that has local branches. I prefer to have my accounts in front of my face to look at and preferably on the computer.

In the past, I liked to have a local bank that I could go into when I needed something. But in all actuality, I have not physically entered our bank or any of its branches in several years. I have had no need to.

My checks are directly deposited into our account. Our online savings account is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet. Same with our mortgage and credit card accounts. If I do have a check to deposit, I use the ATM plus I use the ATM when I need to withdraw some cash.

There has just been no need for the physical bank branch. This is also the reason, I have been interested in some of the online banks available now to consumers. I love the idea of having everything in one place but more than that, I love the idea of getting a little bit higher interest rate (or any interest rates in some cases) on my money.

I find that many online banks seem to have much better customer service. Their people are more accessible. A big bank that I use right now NEVER allows customers to speak with an actual person until some serious teeth gritting use of their automated phone system. It is this phone system alone that has caused me to look at other banks.

So I have begun to research some banks online. A lot of them. We recently opened a money market account in the hopes of trying to save a little more money with online savings. This is the first time that we have had an account online and not in a physical bank that we can travel to. No longer do I have to see a bank to believe they can provide me with what I need.

Where do you bank? And why?

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