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DIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day Craft

DIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day CraftDIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day Craft

Down here in the south, we put our initials on everything. If there is a woman who was born and raised in the south, the chances are she has got something monogrammed. In fact, the chances are even better she has a LOT of things monogrammed. We sure love seeing our name or initials a lot. It is kind of fun! This is a simple spring or Mother’s Day craft. And  this DIY monogram plate is perfect when you are looking for a budget savvy project that really shines. We hope that you love this DIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day Craft.

DIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day Craft


DIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day CraftDirections

  1. Begin by removing all stickers from your wood letter.
  2. Apply two coats of paint (color and finish is up to you) allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.
  3. Once the letter is completely dry, apply a generous amount of glue to the back of your letter. Keep the glue however to the center of the letter as you don’t want it to seep over the sides.
  4. Press the letter to the center of the plate, holding it in place until it is secure. If you wish, you may use a pencil and a tape measure prior to gluing if you want to be sure to locate the exact center of the plate.

Your monogram plate is now ready to be displayed. Simply prop it on a plate stand, use a wire holder, or prop it on a shelf as is. It makes the perfect Mother's Day gift or you can make them for your own to display. We hope that you are inspired this DIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day Craft. Happy crafting!

DIY Monogram Plate ~ Simple Spring Mother’s Day Craft

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  1. This is so cute and looks fun to make and easy too! This would be a great gift for Mother’s Day!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is super cute and it would even make an awesome gift idea. Mother’s Day is coming up…..

  3. That’s such a cute DIY. I could see an entire family making them together and having a nice little wall art display.

  4. I love anything burlap! This looks great!

  5. I adore the idea of putting burlap over the plate. It makes it a little different looking, which I love! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Quick and easy, especially for the last minute kid looking for something for Mom’s day! With all the wood scrolly pieces out there now a days you could really go crazy with ideas!

  7. That is so awesome (and easy to make!)

  8. Lexie Lane

    This is really creative! So easy to make! I’m definitely going to get some good Mother’s Day ideas here.

  9. This Is Such A Adorable Idea Can’t Wait To Make Thank You!

  10. I am one crafty momma and love making us so me cute stuff for the house! This is next on my list. Thanks 🙂

  11. This is a fantastic and adorable idea for a gift.

  12. Now this is a cute idea – and so simple too. It would make a great gift!

  13. Maria Oller

    Adorable. Love this craft how easy and requires only a few materials!

  14. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Perfect for Mother’s Day or a birthday or even graduation. Anyone would love to get this as a gift.

  15. Pam

    How cute! I love giving monogrammed items as gifts, and it’s even better if I made them myself. It just feels special.

  16. What a fun and easy craft! I will have to pin this to make later.

  17. I really like the way the plate came out! What a simple yet fun project!

  18. That’s so simple to make but would be a treasured gift. Love it!

  19. What a beautiful gift that’s easy to make. I might make one for a gift and keep one for me!

  20. This would be a cute way to decorate a little girl’s room with her initials or full first name!

  21. I would love to make this DIY project for my home! I love burlap so much!!

  22. Taralyn

    Love the beachy look – reminds me of our summers in Oregon!

  23. I love the material you used. I have some in bright pink that I want to use to make one for my daughter. This won’t cost much and that’s a huge plus!

  24. That plate is great! I really want your seashell, too!

  25. This is so cute. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift. And it seems easy to make.

  26. This is such a cute and trendy idea. I love it. YOU are so very talented. I want to make one for display in my house as well.

  27. Bias

    Huh. I’ve never seen a burlap charger before. Do they work well with other plates? How are they to clean? Do you dust, vacuum or can you use water?

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