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Digital Joneses: Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security Software

[This is a guest post from my husband, Jason who is part of The Digital Joneses Study with me and the rest of our family]

As a part of Trend Micro's Digital Joneses study, from time to time we will receive boxes in the mail that contain cool gadgets and software.

Well today the first box arrived!  I ripped off the packing tape and found two cool toys to play with; Trend Micro's Titanium Maximum Security software and a Asus Zenbook.  At this point I called in sick to work [WIFE EDITED TO ADD: “NO HE DID NOT!”] and took my new playthings out for a spin…here is how it went.

After unpacking everything and starting up the Zenbook, I did what I always do (as you should too) when I get a new computer….update baby update. For once this really was not too bad…the Zenbook shipped with Windows 7 and SP1 was already installed, so I only had to deal with updating a few drivers and small Windows fixes.  Step one complete.

Step two for me is always security, which in this case meant giving the Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security a spin.  Install was pretty painless…I simply downloaded the software from the Trend Micro site, ran it, entered in my product key and email, and done.

The software itself is really very easy to use.  The interface is minimal and clean, and there are very few things that you the user need to do in order to be protected….and that is a good thing.  Security software should be simple.  If you have to read pages of directions on setup you have missed the point…instead you have added complexity that may leave someone with a less than ideal setup that leaves them vulnerable to threats.

Titanium Maximum Security gets this concept.  It starts protecting from the get go, and the user really doesn't have to do much of anything.  The program will update itself as needed. In other words, once you install the software, it is set and forget.

Simplicity however is only great if the software actually protects the user.  So what does Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security offer?  Hmmm…how about:

*Trend Micro Smart Protection to proactively stop threats before they get to you

*Protection from Viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, botnets, and rootkits

*Fake AV Cleaner

*Application Protection

*Ability to block downloads from malicious websites

*Ability to block malicious links in emails and IMs

*Windows Firewall Booster for improved protection against botnets

*Parental Controls

*System Tuner

*Data theft prevention to keep passwords safe

*Secure Erase to remove files completely from your system

*10 GB of SafeSync online backup and sharing storage

*Ability to remote lock vault files in cases of computer theft

*The Vault, a password protected, encrypted folder for sensitive documents

*Cross platform protection on smartphones and tablets

*Social neworking security for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Mixi

So as you can see Trend Micro has you pretty well covered.  The two things that I like about that list the most are the last two, mobile device protection and social network protection.  When you think about how we humans use technology today, you realize that everything is connected.  We access our digital lives through multiple mediums (such as computer, phone, tablet) that are tied to the same core accounts for email, social media, ect.

This is why I like this product.  Trend Micro covers all of those mediums within one package, and for me that makes life a little easier.

So bottom line on the Titanium Maximum Security is…well…I'm impressed.

Learn more about our family becoming a Digital Joneses Family and find our your security IQ here: We are a Digital Joneses Family! What's Your Security IQ?

Disclosure: The Digital Joneses Study will include gadgets for myself and my family. Although we have been provided with these products to help evaluate the challenges within the study, the opinions, thoughts and statements expressed on this blog remains our own and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Trend Micro.

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  1. Who wouldn’t want little boxes of cool gadgets to show up LOL that would be my dream!

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