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The Need for Speed – XFINITY’s High-Speed Internet

Xfinity RemoteDisclosure: Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

We are definitely a Comcast family. My family streams movies, watches on demand and loves all things Internet. We love to be connected and we require a lot our of connection. It must be fast, safe and ever present.

We love that XFINITY internet delivers the most WiFi coverage for all rooms, all devices, all the time. Even during peak hours or when watching multiple HD shows, you’ll get 100% of the speed you’re paying for.


Speed is one of my biggest concerns when it comes to Internet. I work for home and I always need to be connected to do my job. I cannot handle or even work with slow Internet.

XFINITY Internet delivers the fastest in-home WiFi for all rooms and all devices. With XFINITY, you can get the quick speeds you need, even during peak hours and with multiple people logged on. Comcast offers a variety of plans to meet everyone’s needs. Whether occasionally surfing or spending hours streaming movies on 5+ devices, they have a plan for you. Social network and download HD movies and tons of music in minutes, then stream at the highest quality.

Xfinity x1-on-demand-june-2013-final


Xfinity NortonSECURITY

Did you know that 67% of websites used to distribute malware were identified as legitimate, compromised websites?

*According to Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report.

Security is a big priority in the digital age. With Constant Guard by XFINITY, you can feel safe knowing you have unmatched online security against identify theft, viruses and more, provided by Norton Security. With Constant Guard from XFINITY, you’ll be protected from these at no additional cost.

This is the kind of thing that provides me with peace of mind because my children are always wanting to get on the Internet and I am pretty certain that they don't always take the precautions that they should take. So now I know that we are protected.

Xfinity neighborhood-hotspot-web1-v2HOTSPOTS

Did you know that being an XFINITY internet customer also gives you access to their millions of hotspots nationwide? Ever see the “xfinitywifi” network pop up while you’re running around? This happens to me all of the time and now I can always stay connected no matter where I go because Comcast is there!

With data plans on cell phones adding up, this allows you to conserve data and use XFINITY’s free WiFi network wherever available. Find hotspots near you by searching your address on or downloading the XFINITY WiFi app!

Comcast covers tons of places around the country, these hotspots let you stay connected and experience your favorite content on the go. It is so easy to sign up. Just make certain to have your Comcast account information handy.

This is especially handy when it comes to family travel because my kids can continue to stream their favorite movies while we are on a road trip or even just running errands around the city.


If you’re a fan of fast, don’t forget to check out Ty So Fast – he’s providing tons of time-saving tips to keep you running at full speed on the go.

Visit the the Fast Life with Ty homepage

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Are you excited yet? All you need to do to enter is visit Ty SoFast’s Facebook page, like it and leave a comment with your favorite tip for watching movies! It is so easy and the Rafflecopter entry form below will help you along. Good luck!

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XFINITY partnered with bloggers such as me for their Fast Life program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. XFINITY believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. XFINITY’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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  1. Kristen

    I like the tip about measuring with a Solo cup.

  2. Starla B

    I have heard such great things about xfinity. So many advantages of having it, too. My favorite tip is to bring bunch of snacks and get comfy! That’s always a plus! 🙂

  3. shelly peterson

    My tip for watching movies is have lots of snacks and cuddle on the couch with a comfy blanket. commented on FB under Shelly Peterson

  4. Lisa Brown

    Tip: create a serving platter using a bowl and a glass. Just place the glass in the middle of the bowl, fill the glass with salsa and surround it with chips.

  5. Katherine

    Favorite tip find one everyone can enjoy kathbpersons

  6. Julie Wood

    The tip I liked is to take a serving platter, and put a bowl and a glass on it and take the bowl and fill with chips and put salsa in the glass! What a great idea!

  7. Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Tip For Watching Movies With Family And Friends Is To Have A Variety Of Snacks Available!


    My favorite tips for watching movies is to use the bathroom before you start, have some good snacks and cuddle up with the ones you love! Facebook name: Pam Krick Gurganus

  9. HS

    My tip to enjoy movies with my family and friends is to prepare bite size snacks, all sorts of them.
    HS HS .

  10. Amanda Sakovitz

    I love this tip quick storage tip if you can space out your candy cravings: cut the top off of a plastic bottle and slide it over a bag to keep candies fresh and I liked and shared it on facebook as Amanda Sakovitz

  11. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My parents have been customers of Xfinity for a long time. They are pretty happy with their service.

  12. Roxy

    Favorite tips for watching movies with friends and family is have lots of snacks. Make sure everyone gets a turn picking a movie.

    posted as Tosh Point O

  13. This is such a great service. Speed and security are a big deal for me. And having high-speed access on all devices is a must.

  14. Catherine S

    What a great giveaway. I need to look into this, they have Comcast in my area.

  15. ellen beck (commented as ellen beck)
    my tip was: My tip to enjoy movies is to make it fun and have a theme movie watching experience. If we are watching say “Frozen” I will make blue frozen drinks /slushies or use food coloring and make the ice cream blue or have snacks that have some kind of connection to what we are watching. It makes it even more fun!

  16. livivua

    having snacks available

  17. Pam

    My daughter has Xfinity internet and it is so much faster than our internet. They really love it.

  18. To make movie watching more enjoyable, you need the proper surround sound system. This makes all the difference.

    Mike John on Facebook

  19. Deb Jackson

    My tip is lots of soda and popcorn and chocolate for all. fb as deb jackson

  20. I have heard tons of good things about Xfinity. I can’t wait until it’s available in my area.

  21. Measuring with a solo cup is genius! Unfortunately, Xfinity isn’t the primary in my area so I don’t use their service. But it sounds like they have great features!

  22. Rust

    Make sure you have enough popcorn! I like the variety of snacks tip.

    FB – Rust Hawk

  23. My fave tip is snacks. Always have tons of snacks for movie watching!

  24. I wish I had Xfinity. Anything is better than what I have now

  25. I like that you get access to the Hot Spots! There have been def. times in our travels where that would have been useful.

  26. amy pugmire

    bring lots of snacks, drinks, water and napkins and a trash can so you don’t have to get up much and you can sit and actually enjoy the movie.

  27. I will have to check them out and see what they can do for us. Love to snuggle under blanket and watch movies.

  28. Oh wow this sounds really great! The internet is so slow in my area and this would be very beneficial for me!

  29. I love xfinity hotspots! I’m all about conserving my data plan when possible.

  30. I’m always concerned about speed too! Looks like xfinity is taking care of you!

  31. We use Infinity now and I must say it’s faster than other services I’ve used.

  32. Yes I do like a fast internet. Makes the world of difference! I am heading to enter the giveaway

  33. Melissa M

    Lots of drinks and snacks.

  34. kymi a

    My tip for watching movies is turn off all electronics no distractions, just enjoy the movie. (commented on Ty’s fb)

  35. shaunie

    My tip is having lots snacks and candy such as buttered popcorn and Dots Mike&Ike and Jujubes AND plenty of soda

  36. I’ve heard great things about Xfinity. I wish it was available in my area.

  37. Adriane

    tip for movie watching: popcorn. Lots of popcorn.

  38. Kelly D

    I like the tip to cut the top off of a plastic bottle and slide it over a bag to keep candies fresh. FB name: Kelly D Saver

  39. I love Comcast as well and Xfinity is the absolute best internet service. I will visit Ty’s page to enter the contest as well. Thank you!

  40. Gina M (Wild Orchid)

    I like the tip about accessing multiple accounts in one inbox using my XFINITY Connect app. FB name is “wild orchid”

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  41. My favorite tips for watching movies with friends and family are to have plenty of comfortable seating and a variety of drinks and snacks. 😉 – Deanna Devendorf McClellan

  42. Betsy Barnes

    My favorite tip for watching movies, make sure there is a soft, fuzzy blanket and plenty of room for cuddling 🙂

  43. Leigh Anne Borders

    My tip is to have more than enough snacks and rinks around to keep everyone happy happy happy!

  44. steve weber

    To make movie watching more enjoyable, you need the proper surround sound system.

  45. Maureen

    My favorite tip for watching movies with friends and family is to have a big ‘ol bowl of popcorn, plenty of drinks, and lots of blankets to snuggle up under!

    FB Name: Maureen Armstrong Tenney

  46. Christine M

    I suggested Drumline on the romantic movie thread: Christine Mamatotwo

  47. Tina W

    My tip is to avoid crunchy snacks, because there’s nothing worse than hearing someone’s chips being chewed rather than the movie.

  48. Sarah Hayes

    make sure to have plenty of snacks

  49. christine j

    we love xfinity on the go with our tablet. steaming during movie night is fantastic with our broad ages for our kids. We can do 2 movies at once

  50. Dawn Monroe

    I couldnt find where to leave comment on facebook so I left one under red solo cup post. My favorite tv tip is to get the little ones snacks so they are eating instead of asking questions or goofing off.

  51. courtney b

    my fb name is Courtney bella.

    Thanks 🙂

  52. My favorite tip is to bring bunch of snacks and get comfy blanket…

  53. My favorite tv tip is to get the little ones snacks so they are eating instead of asking questions…

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