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Dark Sky Vacations that will Delight the Family

Dark sky is not something most children growing up in the city or suburbs are familiar with, even low light pollution levels create a lot of glow. Wide open spaces during the day are beautiful places to enjoy the view, but at night the star littered sky and Milky Way steal the show. Dark sky locations all over the world have been recognized for their work to both recognize and preserve these locations, and it is important that children know of them and can see the beauty in the sky for themselves. If you are interested in taking kids to an astro-destination, dark sky vacations are a great way to introduce them to stargazing, astrophotography, nature and space.


The Natural Bridge National monument and the park around it make up some of the darkest skies in the United States. Groups of photographers regularly head out to this are to take advantage of the absence of light in order to capture the magnificent views of the sky at night.

The viewing here is so good, there are several national and research observatories set up in the field all around here. Because of its status as a national monument there are several camping and outdoor recreation activities that can be enjoyed nearby. Telescopes and binoculars are not needed because there will be plenty to view with only the naked eye.


Another nationally protected dark sky designated apace, Big Bend National Park is part of the Chihuahuan Desert that extends deep into Mexico. Viewing can be enjoyed from several great vantage points all along the canyons. Day hikes, horseback riding, rafting or canoeing on the Rio Grande and dinosaur excavation finds can all be used to put together a great vacation where everyone says the stars shine brightest.


The list of dark sky vacation communities is short, because where there are more people there is more light. Sedona (pictured above) however, is one of the newest additions to the list and its natural beauty and easy to find cultural and outdoor recreation possibilities make it a great dark sky destination with kids. You don’t have to go far to reach a spectacular viewing spot, but if you enjoy hiking or biking, there are several well established trails that kids of all ages can use to reach the best nighttime stargazing areas with rock formations in the background that leave you feeling like you are in outer space.


If a lake vacation sounds appealing, head out to The Headlands, a county park located in northern Michigan, along the Lake Michigan Lakeshore. This protected coastline has resulted in little development and incredible viewing conditions. When near, or out on the water for stargazing at night, the reflection is magical. During the days, beaches abound, lake islands wait to be explored and country towns cater to guests passing through.



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  1. A dark sky vacation would be pretty amazing. We’ve never been out west to Utah or Texas. I would love to take the kids to either spot someday.

  2. This is pretty cool, I would have never thought about it. Something my kids would enjoy though.

  3. I’m in Michigan and I haven’t heard of the Headlands. I’m going to go check them out online and see if we can fit in a visit. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  4. I would love to see the stars against a dark sky with no extra light around. What a truly breath taking view that would be.

  5. Seeing a purely dark sky is so amazing. My step dad was a truck driver and we would drive through the deserts and the pure night sky was a site! I would love for my kids to be able to experience a vacation like this!

  6. Amanda McMahon

    Sedona is absolutely amazing. I am from Michigan but haven’t n

  7. Never been to those parts of the world, but if I ever travel to the US, it’s one of the places I want to check out.

  8. The night sky is one of my favorite things the entire world! I would love to go to one of these places and see it in “it’s true form”!

  9. This is very interesting. I had never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing. The sky does look very pretty in that picture.

  10. Catherine Sargent

    I would love to go to any of the places. I might be going to Arizona in a couple months and I will have to make sure I make time to go star gazing.

  11. I’d love to go somewhere with an open sky and a memorable view. These are awesome suggestions. I really have to head out west!

  12. Pam

    THe Headlands sounds like an awesome destination. We do love us a lake vacation.

  13. A dark sky vacation sounds so magical! I would definitely love to experience it with the family.

  14. There is something amazing about seeing the night sky in pure darkness, these all sound like some amazing excapes.

  15. An open clear sky is an amazing experience for a family. I’d love to take my guys to Arizona!

  16. Tracey

    Michigan is actually not a far drive from where I am in Canada. I think I may ask my husband if he is up for a road trip! This is to beautiful to miss!

  17. This is amazing!! It’s such a great idea to look up the stars and just talk about anything with your family!

  18. I love when I go to places where there isn’t light, you can see so many more stars but a place like this must be unbelievable- I would love to go!

  19. These look like some neat destinations.
    I would not mind checking some of these out.

  20. jeanine

    This would be amazing. I think it would be awesome to see … I miss seeing stars in the sky, on beautiful nights!

  21. I have a friend who’s family is from Arizona. They love going to Sedona, it’s one of the prettiest parts of the state.

  22. Dawn McAlexander

    I would love to visit a place like this where the stars are clear and bright. I love to gaze into the night sky and just wonder what all is out there that I am looking at.

  23. Rosey

    The natural bridges area sounds great. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it until now.

  24. Our Family World

    Oh my goodness. I would love to go on a vacation like that. Sometimes I envy people who live in the suburbs or out in the country. They have the spectacular night sky to see every night! I will let my husband know about this and maybe he will take me to any of these places soon!

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