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Guide To Living in Little Five Points

Guide To Living in Little Five PointsGuide To Living in Little Five Points

Specific things come to mind when you think about Atlanta, Georgia. Peaches, Coca-Cola, CNN, you get the idea. But have you ever considered moving to Atlanta, Georgia? For one of the largest southern cities in the US, Atlanta, though sprawled out, has so much to offer not only culturally but has world-class dining as well as shopping. While there are many areas to choose from when deciding to move here, if you're looking to stay ITP (that's “inside the perimeter” for those of you out of towners), there's one neighborhood that is definitely worth taking a look at. 

The area is called Little Five Points, and for such a small part of the city, it packs a significant punch when it comes to things to do and see. It has several convenient MARTA locations, which makes living in the area without a car an absolute breeze, which can save you tons of money (not owning a vehicle or having to insure it), not to mention it helps reduce your overall carbon footprint. Let's take a look at some of the things that make Little Five a fantastic place to live.

Instagrammable As All Get Out 

Everywhere you turn in Little Five Points, there's a beautiful mural you'll want to stop and stare at, then take a selfie or group photo in front of. Not only that, the storefronts are all painted in different vibrant colors, making a stroll down the main street (Euclid) a photo opportunity all on its own. As you make your way past the shops, the streets are lined with beautiful, native trees making the rest of your walk home or to a shop off the beaten path comfortable in the shade – which is essential in the summer Georgia heat. There's just something so quaint and charming about walking through Little Five Points, making you want to stop and take photographs of things that would otherwise be ordinary. 

Unique Shopping 

While the city of Atlanta has multiple shopping malls and shopping centers that boast luxurious high-end shopping locales, Little Five has more to offer to support locals and find unique pieces. Whether you're record shopping, vintage shopping, or wanting to get a tattoo right after getting lunch at a cute cafe, you're less than a stone's throw from any of those options when you're in Little Five Points. 

Healthy Options 

There is a famous food cooperative, Sevananda, which has been around for decades in Little Five Points. Even though you're a brisk walk from Edgewood Shopping Center with more conventional grocery options, many people, when they move to Little Five, give up the traditional shopping to support the local co-op. Of course, becoming a member of Sevananda provides you with even deeper discounts on the food and wares available there. Still, it's affordable to eat fresh and healthy without a membership. So, get your favorite ceramic cookware ready and head to a health shop to pick up fresh, local ingredients and get ready for an epic and nutritious dinner.

And it's not just Sevenanda with the healthy options. Several local coffee shops and cafes in Little Five Points offer local baked goods, many of which are friendly to dietary restrictions – gluten-free, vegan, and you get the idea. It's always a great feeling to know that you have the option of cooking in the kitchen when you get home, or you know you can buy healthy, nutritious food right down the block from your home. 

Night Life 

If you're the type that enjoys a little bit of nightlife but don't want to hear the whomp whomp of club music while you're trying to fall asleep at night, Little Five Points is a fair compromise. With famous bars and restaurants like El Myr and Euclid Avenue Yacht club right on your block, it's easy to head out for a couple of drinks (the food at both places is impressive too, by the way) and know that you don't have to drink and drive home. Both establishments are within walking distance to pretty much anywhere you could live in the L5P area. 

So, if you're planning a visit to the Atlanta area or have wanted to move there for a while, Little Five Points is a fun, vibrant place to put on your list of options. If it's a little too hip for you, you're a two-minute walk from the Inman Park neighborhood, which gives you a little quieter, more idyllic vibe, but you could still walk maybe three minutes and be right up in the heart of Little Five Points. Either way, come on down to the South and join us!

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