5 Ways to Save Energy

5 Ways to Save Energy

PG&E Energy Efficiency Recycle Reusable Water Bottles

5 Simple Ideas to Save Energy


We are pretty adamant about saving energy around these parts. I am a Scout leader and with two troops, we have had many meetings about how the girls can help their parents save energy around the house. We love when the girls come home with even more energy saving ideas.

In our home, we have been able to reduce our energy costs by about 10% each year which is really great for us. My entire family takes an active part in doing what they can to help save energy.

PG&E Energy Efficiency


PG&E wants you to know there are many ways that you can save energy and there are all kinds of benefits related to saving energy.

Being energy efficient (or using less energy) is beneficial because:

  • Direct benefits
  • Financial: saves money
  • Productivity: saves time
  • Comfort: improves quality of life

Indirect benefits:

  • Puts less strain on the grid (reduces outages)
  • Puts less strain on other natural resources (like water)
  • Reduces emissions that can harm the environment

PG&E Energy Efficiency Recycle GET MORE FROM PG&E

The PG&E website has all sorts of tips and articles that you can read. Check out:

Take advantage with these warm weather, cold weather and everyday savings tips (broken down by no cost, low cost and investment solutions):

Plan your next project by focusing on a specific area of your house with this Money Saver Tool (rebate info can also be found here)

Do your research and plan ahead when shopping for appliances. Check the rebate catalog.

Refrigerator recycling rebate program

Energy tips

Plug-in electric vehicles

PG&E Energy Efficiency Turn Off Lights


There are many ways that you can save energy  around your house and even get the kids involved at the same time. 5 Ways to Save Energy

1. Turn off lights. Turn it all off.

This is a big one in our house. The rule is that whenever you leave the room, turn off everything.

2. Recycle.

We recycle everything that we can. Paper, plastic and more goes into our recycling bin on a daily basis.

3. Reuse.

Whatever items we can reuse before throwing away, we do. Our lunchmeat comes in reusable containers and we reuse them for everything from crafts to snacks. 5 Ways to Save Energy

4. Drink water in reusable bottles.

We used to be that family that bought disposable water bottles.

5. Bathe conservatively.

We teach the kids to really maximize their water usage by turning off the water to brush their teeth, take shorter showers or baths and to save the cold water that comes out of the faucet when they are water for warm water.



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