Classic Blueberry Pancakes Breakfast Recipe Divine Lifestyle

Classic Blueberry Pancakes

Classic Blueberry PancakesClassic Blueberry Pancakes

This year is all about little changes for me and my family. We are all trying to eat healthier and one way we are doing is by getting as much fresh food as we can into our diets on a daily basis. Anything that can be fresh, will be fresh. This includes something like blueberries. Nothing tastes more amazing than fresh blueberries. If you have wondered how to make blueberry pancakes or what the best blueberry pancakes are or how to make fluffy blueberry pancakes recipe or even wanted the best blueberry pancake recipe, then our easy blueberry pancakes are exactly what you need. We used fresh blueberries to make Classic Blueberry Pancakes.

Classic Blueberry Pancakes

Yields 8-10 Large Pancakes



  1. Wash the blueberries thoroughly in sink and leave in a colander while prepping other ingredients.
  2. Add flour, baking powder, salt and sugar to mixer bowl. Sift together.
  3. Whisk eggs lightly in a separate bowl adding cream cheese, milk, 1 stick of melted unsalted butter and vanilla. Blend well.
  4. Whisk the dry mixture into the wet mixture until just blended.
  5. Add the lemon and orange zest into the batter. Lightly fold in the blueberries. You have to very careful when you blend or your mixture will turn blue. If this happens, they still taste great. They are just well….blue.
  6. Set your griddle to medium-high heat. We find that a griddle makes the best pancakes and the higher heat gives them more of a crust which I love. Griddle is ready when drops of water sizzle on it.
  7. Using a 1/3 measuring cup, carefully scoop up some of your mixture and add it to the hot griddle. We cook 2-3 pancakes at a time but start with two and go from there. Less stressful.
  8. Your pancake is ready to flip when bubbles start popping on the pancake. You can peek at the other side to see if it is browned and if so, flip it over to cook on the other side. I prefer pancakes a little more done than not so about 90 seconds on one side and 1 minute on the other.
  9. I serve with pure maple syrup but my daughter likes when I make blueberry compote to put on her pancakes. These pancakes are so tasty that you could eat them without syrup.

PRO TIP: You can thin your batter with a little milk if needed or thicken it with a little flour.

Whether you were looking for homemade blueberry pancakes or a blueberry pancake recipe, then our fluffy blueberry pancakes will definitely be a crowd pleaser. We hope you love our Classic Blueberry Pancakes Recipe! Happy cooking and enjoy your amazing breakfast.

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