Christmas tree & Wreath delivery from Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms

Christmas tree & Wreath delivery from Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms

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Have you ever had a Christmas tree delivery? There are so many things going on with the hustle and stress of the holidays that having wreath delivery or even a tree delivered can really make things so much easier for you.

Have you heard of Hilltop-tree-delivery? They offer Christmas tree and wreath delivery service. We had a tree delivered for the first time last year and I was so excited to be able to do everything online. I picked my tree and was sent exactly what I ordered. I even purchased a small, tabletop tree and several wreaths to add some extra greenery around my home.

Ordering my tree online meant one less thing to do on my holidays to do list and about 3-4 hours saved. I could not believe that I hadn't ordered my tree online before. I even convinced my father and sister to order theirs online this year.


Hilltop trees can make your holiday season so much better. You will save time and not be left with last trees left on the lot. Their tress are fresher and more aromatic.

They make it so easy to find exact what you want online and place an order for your perfect holiday tree.


You won't have a tree on the roof of your car and struggle with getting it home. No scratches on your car plus the convenience of service means you just open your door to let them bring your tree into your home.

You can even choose your own tree height. Your perfect Christmas trees can be between 5ft-8ft or even choose a mini table top tree 3ft-4ft.


Hilltop has made the online ordering process and delivery simple, easy and convenient. Hilltop definitely takes the stress out of the holidays.

Make certain to check out Hilltop-tree-delivery on their website and other social channels for more information!


What is your Christmas tree lot horror story?

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    We usually do a fake tree, so no horror stories here. Other than the dog knocking it over occasionally.

  2. Kristi

    We have never ordered one online we usually wander around until we can find a tree lot that has one… which is annoying going from place to place. I think your online idea from Hilltop sounds sooo much easier!

  3. Pam

    Once at a tree farm we accidentally felled the tree on my daughter. Took a while to get it off her lol.

  4. This really is a convenient option. Going all the hassle of transporting a tree yourself is no fun!

  5. This sounds like a great service. I have a fake tree but if I didn’t this might be the way to go. I would not know how to pick out my own tree.

  6. Meagan

    I had no idea you could have your tree delivered! What a great way to relieve a little holiday stress!

  7. I have always wanted to have a real Christmas tree. It would make the house smell so fresh. With delivery it is so easy to have one now. I will have to get one this year.

  8. I love the look of a real tree for Christmas. I love that Hilltop offers delivery. My kids would love it if we had a real tree this year.

  9. I have never done a real tree before, but hubby really wants one. I may cave and let him get his wish this year 🙂

  10. I grew up having a real tree every Christmas but we have used an artificial one for the last few years. I miss the look and smell of a real tree and think having it delivered is a fabulous idea!

  11. We use an artificial tree but I like the idea of getting a fresh one. They are so pretty!

  12. Rosey

    It would be nice to order online. I think it’s very convenient.

  13. What a lovely idea! My parents probably couldn’t get a tree on their own, so I take care of it for them. This will make my life so much simpler.

  14. I love it and I am sure the hubby will too since he’s in charge of picking out and hauling a tree home. I wonder if they flock them? Off to check it out!

  15. I would love to have a fresh Christmas tree delivered. I am going to do that this year!

  16. It’s hard to believe this year passed by so quickly. I am glad that it’s almost Christmas time again though.

  17. Wow even Christmas trees online now! This is awesome and convenient for those wanting delivery

  18. I think my dad would love this lol I personally like going out to get our tree. This is the second time we’ve gotten a real tree since they kids have been born! I love the smell of real trees!

  19. I’m going to check them out, I’m in need of some new trees and wreaths.

  20. Oh it is NEVER to early for some Christmas, it goes by so fast we need time to take it all in. I would love a fresh wreath and the smell of pine to hit me as I walk in my front door!

  21. I live on a fifth floor walk up, real trees are not happening here, I have an artificial. UPS delivered, no fuss, no muss, no mess to contend with, while I love the smell of ‘real trees’ it’s just too much work, especially without an elevator!

  22. I don’t have a horror story to share but love the idea of a delivery! Hard to believe it’s almost time to be getting a tree!

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