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Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior

Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior This Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior post is part of a sponsored campaign for P. King Duckling. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior

I am a fanatic about what my kids watch on television. I want them to watch age appropriate shows that they actually enjoy. I know that they love characters and all three kids are actually big fans of Disney. My youngest was thrilled to watch P. King Duckling because she loves the messaging just as much as I do.  We hope that you enjoy our Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior post.

About P. King Duckling

P. King Duckling! is a comedy that follows the adventures of a friendly but slightly hapless duck named P. King and his two best friends, Wombat and Chumpkins. As they encounter many challenges on their adventures, they always find creative (and hilarious) ways to overcome them.

The P. King Duckling! series, developed by Dr. Christine Ricci (Dora the Explorer),  inspires positive thinking, curiosity and most importantly is about being yourself. P. King Duckling consists of two very important lessons for young children: Overcoming Challenges and Creative Thinking.

Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior Who is P. King Duckling?

P. King, is a duck with a dream. Actually, he’s got a lot of dreams. One day he might see himself as a scientist, an architect, a pizzeria owner or even a mountain climber! P. King thinks he’s the absolute smartest and handsomest duckling around. P. King has great self-confidence and an unstoppable spirit! He enthusiastically embarks on wild adventures, and invariably experiences challenges along the way.

Even when facing challenges, P. King models creative ways to overcome them while also helping children to change the way they think about life’s problems and obstacles. He encourages children to see setbacks in a positive light. P. King encourages children to keep dreaming, imagining and doing.

Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior P. King Duckling Core Values

1. Challenge Yourself – Encouraging children to try new things, don’t give up and “Seize the Day!”

2. Express Yourself – Empowering children to think and express themselves creatively through music, dance, role play… but most importantly to have fun and be yourself.

3. Do-it-Yourself – Inspiring children to build, create and play using their imagination.

4. See for Yourself – Motivating children to journey near and far… “Next stop, the moon!”

Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior

P. King Duckling is a wholesome show that the entire family will love. Make certain to catch it during the week.

Watch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior

P. King Duckling is currently airing on Disney Junior weekdays at 8:05 am.

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This Catch P. King Duckling on Disney Junior post is part of a sponsored campaign for P. King Duckling. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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  1. Lindsay Bade

    My daughter would love P. King! I think she would really love his creativity! She will also think Wombat is adorable.

  2. Robin rue

    This sounds like such a cute show! I will have to watch it when my nieces come over to visit.

  3. That looks like a super cute show! My daughter used to watch Disney Junior all day long, and shows like this one are why. Love it.

  4. Bianca Munoz

    I think my kids would like the wombat! Thank you!

  5. D Schmidt

    I think my child would probably most like Wombat 🙂

  6. Audrey Stewart

    We like P. King, but also his two best friends, Wombat and Chumpkins.

  7. We love all things from Disney Junior! Even now at my advanced age. I tell the nieces all the time!

  8. Disney seem to make just the cutest show! I have to admit even now I love turning on Disney as a way to unwind.

  9. Arlinda

    P. King has to be her favorite she’s imaginative and creative like him 💜

  10. Meagan

    This looks like such a cute show. Sadly we are beyond this stage.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I haven’t seen this show yet. I mean when I have my grandchildren with me, they watch Disney Junior on TV. I will have to check on the schedule of this show. I love the core values they teach.

  12. Catherine Sargent

    This looks like a cute show that my little nephew would enjoy. I will have to record it for when he comes over.

  13. I had never heard of this show but it looks fantastic and just perfect for the kiddos. What adorable characters and great colors for the imagery – will definitely keep kids’ attention!

  14. Crystal

    How cute is that? My preschooler and I are going to have to check it out this summer.  I haven’t seen it yet.

  15. Cacinda

    I have yet to see this one but it sounds like a great show that the kids will love. It is great when they can actually learn from what they are watching.

  16. That looks like a new show that kids will be crazy about! It looks like it’s going to be fun and entertaining as well. I am loving the giveaway!

  17. This looks like such a cute show! Disney Junior always has the most precious shows for the littles.

  18. Pam

    This sounds like such a cute show. I like shows that have a message and morals for my kids! 

  19. We’re big Disney and Disney Jr fans here. I hadn’t heard of this show before but it sounds like it’s colorful and fun.

  20. This looks like a very entertaining show for the kids. Now that mine are older, it’s harder for me to keep up with the new shows, so I’m glad you shared as it will help keep me in the loop when talking to my young nieces and nephews!

  21. Terra Heck

    I think she’d most like Chumpkins. Thanks.

  22. Bianca Munoz

    I think my kids would also like P. KING DUCKLING. Thank you 🙂

  23. Tracey

    This looks like such a cute show. My daughter is still a baby but is it wrong I can’t wait until she watches these kinds of things because I want to watch them too!

  24. This is so cute! Love that Disney continues to give kids wonderful shows!

  25. This looks like a super-cute show for toddlers and young children to watch.
    I like its colorful and innocent appeal.

  26. Our Family World

    I will share this post with my cousin. She has three children under the age of 6. My kids are a little too old for these kinds of shows, but I will help spreading the word!

  27. Aww this looks like a really cute show. The prize pack sounds awesome with all the beach / outdoors toys. Good luck to everyone who enters.

  28. All my children are grown so we don’t watch cartoons around our house anymore.  I have heard my grandchildren talk about this cartoon and have been there when they are watching it on TV.

  29. This looks like such a fun show! I love this animation style. It reminds me of Phineas and Pherb just a bit.

  30. This looks like such a fun show. I don’t have kids, but you are never too old to watch cartoons.

  31. I love cute little shows like this. Looks like an adorable show!

  32. I’ve never heard of P. King Duckling before. This sounds like a super cute program though! 

  33. My kids would adore this show. I need to check it out!

  34. Another show to look forward to especially since it looks like it’s going to be really exciting! I’m sure the kids will love this one!

  35. This sounds like a fun and cute show show for the kiddos. I’m not sure if my granddaughters have seen this.

  36. My kids would probably watch this not because of P.King but because of Wombat. Sounds like a fun TV show.

  37. Bianca Munoz

    The Wombat is pretty cute!

  38. sounds like a great new show for little ones! I’ve always been a fan of shows that teach kids about morals, respect, and other life lessons : )

  39. My youngest son would enjoy this show. I will have to enter the giveaway for a chance to win.

  40. My son loves to watch cartoons! Maybe I should try playing it on weekends!

  41. Mary Edwards

    We are past the Disney Junior age in our house, but this looks like something my kids would have loved a few years ago. So cute!

  42. JEnnifer G

    We are a little past the Disney Jr. stage here but my kids still may love this. Time to check it out!

  43. Samantha C.

    We like P. King!

  44. This show sounds like something that kids would really love to watch. I know my little niece and little nephew would love it.

  45. My kid is fond of cartoons too! It was useful reading these informations about P. King Duckling! Thanks!

  46. This looks like a super fun show for toddlers and younger children. I love the name!

  47. This show sounds so cute! I bet my girls would have loved it when they were little!

  48. Bianca Munoz


  49. chickie brewer

    Looks like a cute show for the kiddos.. Not sure which one they would like.

  50. Wombat would be our favorite!

  51. Jeanna Massman

    My grandson loves this show, especially Wombat.

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