Can bottle-feeding be a good alternative to breast milk?

Can bottle-feeding be a good alternative to breast milk?

Can bottle-feeding be a good alternative to breast milk?

Can bottle-feeding be a good alternative to breast milk?

For harmonious development and good health, your baby needs your love and care, as well as good nutrition. A balanced diet for infants promotes the development of the brain and intelligence, the immune system, and other organs and systems.

The importance of breastfeeding 

Breast milk is known to be the best food for a baby. It contains all the nutrients in optimal quantities, and their quality corresponds to the digestive tract abilities and is therefore easy to digest. The immunological factors in breast milk protect the baby against infections. Breastfeeding has a beneficial effect on the balance of the gut microbiota. Moreover, it is good for the baby and the mother's health. In addition to strengthening the psychological and emotional bond with your baby, lactation reduces the risk of developing breast cancer and postpartum complications.

Most mothers agree that only breast milk will give the baby all the nutrients he or she needs for proper development. But there are various situations where you have to switch to formula feeding. Fortunately, this problem is quite rare. Nowadays, moms can easily solve most issues with the help of lactation consultants.

But life sets its own rules, and circumstances are different. For example, if a mother needs treatment and the contraindications to the drug include breastfeeding, it is better not to risk the baby's health. You should not refuse treatment either – the baby needs a healthy mom.

After all, if you have had to stop breastfeeding for a while, it is important to choose the right formula. To make sure your baby goes well during this time, study the information on the choice and introduction of the formula. The Milky Box has got you covered with the highest quality baby formulas and their professional team is ready to help you with choosing the suitable formula for your little one. Make sure to visit their website. And, of course, be sure to talk to your pediatrician.

Formula feeding as an alternative to breast milk

There is simply no point in proving the importance and value of breastfeeding since there is no more nutritious product for a newborn than breast milk. It is certainly not possible for any baby formula to be a complete substitute for breast milk. 

As the technology of milk formula production improves, its composition becomes more and more similar to that of breast milk. And this improvement of formulas provides a qualitative and quantitative adaptation of protein, fat, and carbohydrate components and their enrichment with vitamins. And organic products receive special attention in the baby food segment. Their popularity has increased dramatically in the last decade as more and more consumers recognize their health benefits. The quality and benefits of formula feeding depend directly on the quality of the baby food. 

The choice of a suitable formula depends on the particular needs of the baby's body. Your pediatrician can help you find the best organic formula for your little one. Some babies are better suited to one formula, others to a completely different one. In some cases, it is reasonable to choose a formula with a therapeutic effect, for example, one that will reduce a baby's colic or hypoallergenic formula. 

What should parents know about the baby formula?

There are different types of formulas with ingredients close to breast milk but not the same composition as breast milk. The formula must be suitable for the child's age: there are stages of the formula with different energy values. Most formulas are made on the basis of cow's and goat's milk. There are soy-based formulas for babies with lactose deficiency.

Suppose you notice that the formula chosen by the pediatrician causes any adverse reactions (rashes on the skin, increased colic, or bloating). In that case, it is best to tell your doctor about it immediately and replace the formula with another. Sometimes you need to try several formulas, even from different manufacturers, until you find the one that suits your baby perfectly.


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