Foolproof Ways To Save On Car Ownership In Your 20s

Foolproof Ways To Save On Car Ownership In Your 20s

Foolproof Ways To Save On Car Ownership In Your 20s

Young drivers have a tough time keeping costs down when they own a car outright. Yet the alternative is not driving whatsoever, and being limited in your travel options and your overall freedom.

The good news is that if you’re savvy about car ownership, you can still make savings as a 20-something. So here are some tips to help you achieve affordable motoring.

Understand the Hidden Costs of Car Ownership

Average insurance costs for teenagers who want to have a policy of their own, rather than being put on their parents’ insurance, is a staggering $6,800 annually.

But while insurance is obviously a headline concern, there are lots of other little expenses that you need to take into account when planning your budget and factoring in car ownership alongside your other monthly outgoings.

Maintenance is the biggest issue to bear in mind, but the answer is not to only do the bare minimum to keep your vehicle roadworthy. Instead, you should aim to maintain your vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and also to be proactive about fixing problems. Saving a few bucks today by letting an error message or warning light linger could cost you many times more in future repairs.

Also remember that your driving history, and any convictions for related offenses, makes a difference. Getting cheap SR22 insurance quotes is still possible after an offense, but being sensible behind the wheel in the first place is best.

Picking a vehiclIt might seem obvious, but if your car is expensive to keep up and running from day to day, it will be more of a burden on your finances.

What is less obvious is which types of vehicles are the most affordable from this perspective. And a good starting place in your research is the popularity of the model in question.

The greater the number of other cars like yours on the road, the cheaper it will be to buy spares, pay for repairs and find professionals who are able to fix it up. This is why it’s not a good idea to choose a vehicle that is older and rarer, even if it is also cheaper to buy.

Obscure, aging cars might seem like the ideal choice for people in their 20s who need a bargain basement runaround. But if a breakdown occurs, as it inevitably will, those savings you thought you made will evaporate quickly.

Slow down

Efficient driving techniques can make a big difference to your fuel bill, so avoid dramatic acceleration and braking, and also aim to keep your speed below the legal limit, rather than pushing up to or beyond it simply because you feel like going fast.

Fuel economy is optimal at between 50 and 60mph, although this varies depending on the car, the engine and the payload.

Don’t leap at finance deals

The allure of buying a new car on finance might be powerful, but if you can resist it, you could get a better deal by choosing a second hand vehicle instead.

The impact of heavy depreciation on brand new cars means that they’re rarely a good option, particularly for younger drivers. Meanwhile used models that are a year or two old can combine safety and serviceability with cost-effectiveness.

Stick to other modes of transport

Finally, give some serious thought to whether or not a car is the right thing for your lifestyle and your budget.

If you’re in your 20s and you live in a big city, you can probably get around just fine by relying on public transport, or by cycling or walking to where you need to go.

On the occasions where you do need a car, renting or ride sharing can stand in for outright ownership. Although as with any aspect of this decision, you have to make a choice according to your personal circumstances and needs.

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