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Brummel & Brown – The Perfect Spread

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brummel & Brown.

I am constantly searching for a way to eat less. I want to reduce the amount fat, cholesterol and calories that I eat on daily basis but this isn't always easy.

We were recently sent a coupon to try out Brummel & Brown spread. I chose this:

Brummel & Brown Made with Nonfat Yogurt


Brummel & Brown is made with nonfat yogurt, which gives it a smooth, creamy taste. The Brummel & Brown spread contains 50% less fat and calories than butter per serving plus there is no cholesterol. There are also 0 grams trans fat per serving and no partially-hydrogenated oils. Because of the versatility of Brummel & Brown, you can use it on its own or as part of easy recipes. We do both.

We loved the creamy texture and taste of Brummel & Brown. We used the spread to completely replace butter for one week in our household and found that afterwards, we did not want to go back. We have kept using the spread and have incorporated it into the majority of our recipes.

I spread it on bagels and toast each morning for the kids. We also used it last weekend on pancakes and toast when we had a Brownie sleepover. All of the kids loved it. We would definitely recommend it to others. In fact, my husband (pictured below) is a chef who would NEVER replace his beloved butter but once he gave Brummel & Brown a try, he was impressed and continued to use it.


In fact, we have completely replaced butter with Brummel & Brown on our popcorn that we make through the air popper.



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Now you can enjoy the sweet, creamy taste of butter but blended with the wholesome goodness of this delicious yogurt. Brummel & Brown makes a perfect choice with only a quarter of the fat and the calories of butter. You will also find no cholesterol and 0g trans fat per serving. It really is that delicious!

Brummel & Brown Spread Made with Low Fat Yogurt Replaces Butter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brummel & Brown.

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32 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. I love that it’s made with non fat yogurt. I can’t say that I have seen this brand, but then again I haven’t looked before, either. I would totally give it a try, though!

  2. I love Brummel & Brown! I like to use it in place of butter on our veggies and on toast too!

  3. I have never tried this brand before but you made it look delicious! I would love to try it!

  4. Sounds tasty, I am not sure I have tried this brand. I am gonna have to get some!

  5. This sounds SO good! I would be all over a yogurt/butter spread!

  6. This sounds really good on bagels instead of cream cheese!

  7. I’ll have to try this the next time I make popcorn. Love the butter taste, but can’t afford the butter.

  8. Pam

    My family has been using Brummel and Brown for years. It’s a staple in our house!

  9. I’ve never tried Brummel & Brown. The yogurt has me intrigued, I think I want to try it.

  10. You know… I don’t think I have ever tried this. I will have to get some because it looks delicious. I so want toast now!!!

  11. Air popped popcorn is one of our favorite snacks. We have been using Brummel & Brown for several years, but I don’t think I have ever seen the Simply Strawberry.

  12. This is a great idea. I love this butter, it is my favorite and we have been buying it for years.

  13. Looks and sounds yummy! I’ll have to look for this in my grocery store. I haven’t seen it yet, but that doesn’t mean it is not there – lol.

  14. on popcorn? no way! Now this I have to try for myself!

  15. What a very unique product! I definitely love some popcorn with my butter so I’ll have to give this a try 🙂

  16. These are great ideas for using the spread. It sounds delicious!

  17. I would have never thought to put that on popcorn! What a tasty idea!

  18. I’ve never heard combining the properties of yogurt with butter but it sounds pretty delicious! Especially when it comes to topping my popcorn 🙂

  19. Ohh, I wan to try this with the popcorn so bad!

  20. nicole dz

    I would use this to make some garlic toast/rolls. I love that it’s made with yogurt and has only a quarter of the fat and the calories of butter, and no cholesterol and 0g trans fat per serving! IM IN!

  21. i’ve tried this before and really enjoyed the taste and texture. good stuff!

  22. I can’t believe I’ve never tried that before! And wait a gosh darn second, they make a fruit spread too? I’m on it!

  23. I will need to look for this. I love that it has a yogurt base.

  24. Anna Pry

    we make fresh popcorn all the time so i’d love to try this to replace the butter we usually use

  25. saminder gumer

    this seems very light and i like that it is made with nonfat yogurt

  26. I really want to try the Simply Strawberry variety. It sounds fabulous!

  27. Sherrie C.

    It’s been ages since I’ve eaten Brummel and Brown Spread and this post has reminded me how much I miss it. Don’t think I’ve tried their Strawberry Fruit Spread though. I’m going to have to put both on my grocery list.

  28. ellen beck

    We have tried Brummel and Brown and it’s pretty good. My husband couldnt even tell it was made with yogurt and wasnt the same as other margarines. He hates yogurt so it surprised me!

  29. Robin wilson

    I have seen it in the stores but have never tried it. I hated to spend a lot of money on it just to find out we didn’t like it. Glad to know that you and your husband found it so tasty!

  30. Tammy S

    I have never even heard of this before now. Like you we are trying to cut down all the fat and also watch the cholesterol since my husband has high cholesterol. This sounds really good. I like that you can use it in all your cooking. I will have to pick some up. Thanks for the review.

  31. This sounds like a great way to cut calories and fat, I’ve never tried this but I think I need to.

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