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Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family

This Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family #pillsburypartner post is sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family

There are five of us in my immediate family. Five of us who live in this house along with three dogs and a turtle. The house was built in 1968 and needs a lot of little things done to it so we always have a to-do list going. In order to cross items off of the list, everyone in the family has to pitch in and help. My son mows the lawn and trims the hedges. The girls both help with laundry and dishes. Everyone cooks. We hope that you enjoy this Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family post.

I love to come up with some Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family for all of the work they do around this house. Something that I really love are freshly baked treats. I figure once you smell that amazing smell of whatever you have cooking (almost always chocolate in my case), how can you resist a delicious treat. My daughter and I just made these Pillsbury Place & Bake Brownies in Chocolate Fudge.

Pillsbury Place And Bake Brownies in Chocolate Fudge

The Pillsbury Place & Bake Brownies in Chocolate Fudge are delicious, ready to bake brownies available in the refrigerated section of your local Publix. I love spoiling my kids and husband with sweet treats and even better when they are freshly baked. With everyone home for the summer, I got to surprise them with freshly baked brownies topped with vanilla ice cream as a sweet treat to end a hot, summer day.

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My husband and I are excited that we have found a simple way to make a delicious treat for everyone in the family. We stocked up on Pillsbury Place & Bake Brownies and ice cream to treat ourselves again sometime soon. Make sure to stock-up on these household summer sweet staples next time you are shopping at Publix.

Check out our Pillsbury Place and Bake Brownies video

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