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Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family

This Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family #pillsburypartner post is sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family

There are five of us in my immediate family. Five of us who live in this house along with three dogs and a turtle. The house was built in 1968 and needs a lot of little things done to it so we always have a to-do list going. In order to cross items off of the list, everyone in the family has to pitch in and help. My son mows the lawn and trims the hedges. The girls both help with laundry and dishes. Everyone cooks. We hope that you enjoy this Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family post.

I love to come up with some Sweet Ways to Reward Your Family for all of the work they do around this house. Something that I really love are freshly baked treats. I figure once you smell that amazing smell of whatever you have cooking (almost always chocolate in my case), how can you resist a delicious treat. My daughter and I just made these Pillsbury Place & Bake Brownies in Chocolate Fudge.

Pillsbury Place And Bake Brownies in Chocolate Fudge

The Pillsbury Place & Bake Brownies in Chocolate Fudge are delicious, ready to bake brownies available in the refrigerated section of your local Publix. I love spoiling my kids and husband with sweet treats and even better when they are freshly baked. With everyone home for the summer, I got to surprise them with freshly baked brownies topped with vanilla ice cream as a sweet treat to end a hot, summer day.

How to Make 2 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

My husband and I are excited that we have found a simple way to make a delicious treat for everyone in the family. We stocked up on Pillsbury Place & Bake Brownies and ice cream to treat ourselves again sometime soon. Make sure to stock-up on these household summer sweet staples next time you are shopping at Publix.

Check out our Pillsbury Place and Bake Brownies video

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  1. I love the sweet treat for my family and our whole family has sweet tooth, so once a while we need to indulge in the sweet dessert. I have try this out in the weekends.

  2. Super yum! I am big on treating my family and friends for a job well done with baked treats as well 🙂 p.s. Chocolate is life haha

  3. Those look so good! My girls love it when I bake for them. It’s the perfect reward!

  4. OMG! YUMS the word. We are having a family gathering and will be rewarding them ith this!

  5. The brownies omg!!! They look so delicious and def a great way to reward the family lol…

  6. These place and bake brownies look delicious. They are great when cooking and baking with kids.

  7. now i want brownies, and dont have any. thanks, off to the store now, lol

  8. Rosey

    I’d put a little dollop of ice cream on there too. This is just the right size treat too. Not too big, and extra sweet. 🙂

  9. alexandra cook

    Wow that looks so delicious! I could eat the whole thing by myself lol will make this during the weekend and see how the kids enjoy it as a reward 🙂

  10. We love brownies and would love to try making this too, looks very delicious!

  11. Pingback: Rewarding the family with Pillsbury Sweet Biscuits with icing

  12. The word of the day for these brownies is YUM! This is an awesome snack idea!

  13. So yummy. I like brownies and love the way you made them likema cup cake.

  14. A sweet treat always brightens up the day! Nothing better than a homemade treat to lift someone’s spirits or bring people together 🙂

  15. Kiwi

    Look reward me with brownies! Yes brownies is always a great way to reward anyone!

  16. Melanie williams

    Wow so many fab, yummy and sweet ideas here. I like the sound of the chocolate brownies for sure yummy xx

  17. I love Pillsbury products! It’s very easy to use. Your treats look so amazing! Yummy!

  18. katrina Kroeplin

    those are some great ideas. i love treating my family. i love showing them how much i care and just doing something small and caring.

  19. The meal smell good hahaha, it’s so good doing stuff together it keeps the love burning.

  20. Ruth I

    This looks delicious! I think I will need to stock up on this so I can bake anytime I need some sweet treat.

  21. Suzanne

    I think Pilsbury is a sweet reward for anyone! But all such good suggestions 🙂

  22. That looks delicious and easy to make too. I’m sure they would love some tasty brownies from time to time.

  23. Brianna

    Yum!!! These look like the perfect sweet treat. Putting these on my shopping list!

  24. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Oh this is awesome. Delicious brownies in half the time. I will look for these Pillsbury Place and Bake brownies at the store today!

  25. Brownies are everyone’s favorite and homemade is always better. I have not seen these yet so I will look for them where I shop.

  26. These sound so delicious. I need to buy some for after school treats.

  27. I would have to double or triple this, just to be able to have any with my family! These are so delicious!

  28. Kathy

    Those look so good. I’m going to have to find them in stores and get them. I’d love to make them for my family. I am sure these are going to be delicious.

  29. krystal

    Whoa – now that is a sweet treat! Love that there is FUDGE!

  30. Amy Desrosiers

    I love Pillsbury stuff and use all their premade doughs religiously! I think they do make a sweet way to reward your family or self!

  31. keikilani

    My husband is always craving brownies! He loves chocolate. Okay. My kids and I would love these too!

  32. So easy and so smooth! I love these easy to make dessert cups.

  33. Sherry

    Now those are my kind of brownies. The easier the better. They would disappear in a flash here.

  34. kristin

    YUM!!! sounds perfect for back to school, my girls would love this. 

  35. Catalina

    My family loves treats. So they will be happy to have sweet reward once in a while!

  36. We don’t often have treats in the house, but when we do, it’s always about the reward! My son loves sweets, but with his athlete life, I have to save them for special occasions!

  37. I haven’t had a yummy brownie in so long. Ugh so good

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