Breakfast Together as a Family #CinnamonRollSaturday

Breakfast Together as a Family

Breakfast Together as a Family #CinnamonRollSaturday Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon RollsThis is a sponsored post with The Motherhood and Pillsbury. #CinnamonRollSaturday

Years ago I decided that when I became a parent, my family would always eat together at the table. I grew up in house where two parents worked and sometimes dinner ended up on TV trays while watching some of our favorite shows. There was nothing wrong with that but in today's increasing digital world, I didn't want all of those distractions with my family. I wanted to be able to sit down together for a meal and talk through our days. This was very important to me and my husband completely agrees.

Every single night during the week we sit down together for dinner. However, on the weekends, we eat a nice home-cooked breakfast together. Breakfast and indeed breakfast foods just happen to be a few of my favorite things. I could honestly eat breakfast for dinner every single day of the week.

I love having breakfast together on the weekends. There is no rush and we all get to pick something that we want to eat. For my kids, they want Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls which is our ultimate weekend breakfast indulgence. My husband loves them just as much as the kids do and I love making them. I love how amazing my house smells as they are baking in the oven. I grew up eating Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls. My father used to make them on the weekends for us.

Don't get me wrong, I still cherish our weekly dinners but with the hustle and bustle of activities going on every single week, breakfast on the weekends is a nice relaxing time and I love enjoying our cinnamon rolls.  They say that weekend breakfast, on the other hand, has become one of the most beloved meals for the modern family and I could not agree more. My husband and I can take the time to make a meal our family loves and we all get the opportunity to enjoy it.

Breakfast Together as a Family #CinnamonRollSaturday Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls Breakfast Together as a Family #CinnamonRollSaturday Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon RollsPillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are often at the heart of weekend breakfast and they are the ultimate weekend breakfast indulgence. Parents enjoy making them because they know their kids love eating them (and they do, too!). From the delicious icing on top, to the Cinnabon cinnamon and the ooey, gooey center – cinnamon rolls are the ultimate weekend breakfast indulgence treat that the entire family loves. Filling the house with the instantly recognizable sweet smell of cinnamon as they bake,  they are truly the weekend breakfast your kids want to eat. You can even get your kids involved by having them ice the cinnamon rolls in fun designs because icing on a Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll is the best part!

Breakfast Together as a Family #CinnamonRollSaturday Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls Breakfast Together as a Family #CinnamonRollSaturday Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon RollsFIND PILLSBURY CINNAMON ROLLS NEAR YOU

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are available nationwide in major grocery and retail stores. For more information, visit the Pillsbury website.


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    We make cinnamon rolls a lot in our house. My kids think it is such a treat when I do.

  2. I’m definitely a fan of those cinnamon rolls. I tend to crave them when it starts getting cold outside.

  3. We have Grands cinnamon rolls as many weekends out of the month as we can. They’re delicious.

  4. Pam

    Yum! We love cinnamon rolls at our house. They are a perfect easy breakfast.

  5. Cinnamon buns are a favorite with our family. These look easy enough that my daughter could even make them herself.

  6. Those rolls look so yummy and that everyone enjoyed it. I like my cinnamon rolls with a little topping on it. So delish!

  7. Those cinabon rolls look yummy. I’ve only had pilsbury biscutes before. I’ll have to try these sometime.

  8. I am such a carnivore, I would totally skip the cinnamon role for more BACON! LOL 🙂

  9. You know it’s going to be a great day when you start out with cinnamon rolls. These are so yummy!

  10. I haven’t had a cinnamon roll in forever! I just love a warm cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee on a cool morning.

  11. It is an active effort to have meals together these days as you said. I love the idea of breakfast together and who could resist these cinnamon rolls?!

  12. Yum. I love our weekends for family breakfast time! I haven’t ever made Cinnamon rolls for breakfast though, I need to get on it. What a great idea!

  13. These are my favorite cinnamon roll. We buy a roll every time we’re at the store!

  14. Kristi

    Oh yum! Makes me hungry just looking at the photos. We are having “brinner” tonight… breakfast for dinner and those would be perfect!

  15. ROsey

    My teen loves cinnamon rolls like no other. She is like a kid in a candy store when they’re in the oven. 🙂

  16. Those cinnamon buns look so good. Nice to eat as a family

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