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A Ladies’ Guide to Getting Jeans that Flatter and Fit

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Jeans for Every Body Type

A Ladies' Guide to Getting Jeans that Flatter and FitA pair of jeans that you truly feel great about wearing can be hard to find. Often, jeans don’t hug our curves the way we’d like them too. Perhaps they gap at the waist or cut into the stomach. Maybe they’re too baggy to be flattering. Whatever the problem is, it can make wearing jeans an uncomfortable and self-conscious experience.

Jeans should feel good and make you feel good. In order to get a pair of jeans that’s flattering and fits well, you need to know what your body type is and what jean styles are cut to best fit and flatter that body type.


Guide to getting Jeans: Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair

The first thing you should do, before even going shopping for jeans, is calculate your body type. In order to calculate your body type, you need to measure yourself around the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Then use those measurements to determine your body type as follows:

  • If you’re a triangle shape, you have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Your torso and waist are slim. You have a small- to medium-sized bust.
  • If you’re an hourglass shape, your shoulders, bust, and hips should be about the same size. Your waist should be at least ten inches smaller than your bust and hips. If you gain weight, you gain it all over your body at once, though you may carry more of it in your hips and thighs.
  • If you’re an inverted triangle shape, you have a medium-sized to large bust and wide shoulders. You have wide, square shoulders and a torso that tapers down to slim hips and legs.
  • If you’re a rectangle shape, you have a boxy torso. Your hips, waist, bust, and shoulders are all roughly the same size, with little variation between the hips, waist, and bust. A Ladies’ Guide to Getting Jeans that Flatter
  • If you’re a rounded shape, you have a medium- to large-sized bust and slim hips and legs, but you tend to carry extra weight in your belly.


Once you know what your body type is, you can choose the right cut and style of jeans to fit and flatter that body type.


Rock Your Look: Confidence Starts with


The basic jeans styles you’ll have to choose from are boyfriend, straight leg, flare, bootcut, and skinny. Not every type of jean is appropriate for every body type. Some styles will fit certain body types better than others. A Ladies’ Guide to Getting Jeans that Flatter


However, one style can look good on any body type, and that’s the classic skinny. Skinny jeans provide the slimmest cut of any pair of jeans, so they hug your curves from your hips to your toe. Dark wash skinny jeans are most flattering for women with large hips – hourglass and triangle shapes. Light wash skinny jeans are most flattering to the other body types. Make yourself look taller with ankle skinnies that stop just short of the ankle bone.

A Ladies' Guide to Getting Jeans that Flatter and Fit


Straight leg jeans are also flattering and comfortable for most body types, though they may not provide enough room in the hips and thighs for triangle-shaped women. Straight leg jeans provide a slim fit that’s more relaxed than the skinny jean, but still comfortable and casual.

If you have a rounded shape, an inverted triangle shape, or a rectangle shape, slouchy boyfriend jeans for women are going to be ideal for showing off your slim hips. Boyfriend jeans also tend to be roomier around the hips, so they can be comfortable and flattering for women with large hips, including more generous hourglass figures and triangle figures. If you have large hips, though, keep your fit as slim as possible. A baggy fit will make you look larger. A Ladies’ Guide to Getting Jeans that Flatter


If you have a curvier shape, like an hourglass or a triangle, you should wear bootcut or flared jeans. The flare at the bottom of the leg offsets your other curves and brings a look of balance to your silhouette. Flared jeans are especially flattering for tall women with long legs. The flare should come down far enough to just barely touch the floor. It’s a great style to wear with high heels.


Getting a pair of jeans that fits well and flatters your body can seem impossible, but it gets a lot easier when you know how to shop for jeans suited to your body type. Stop spending fruitless hours trying on the wrong style of jeans or feeling frustrated and upset that you can’t find anything that fits you. Learn more about how to shop for your body type, so you can look and feel great every day.


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