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BankAmeriDeals Get Cash Back from Bank of America

 Bank of America Cash Back Deals: BankAmeriDeals

Caash Back Boost: BankAmeri Deals – Get Cash Back from Bank of America

I love to save money and I love a good deal. Each time I shop, I scour the Internet to find the best available deal. I cannot leave a coupon code blank when I am shopping. I always save money when I shop.

Last week I shared with you how much I love finding a good deal. In fact, if you look at the post last week and compare it with this week's, you will notice that I have earned over $10 more in money just from using the BankAmeriDeals.


What are BankAmeriDeals?

With Bank of America, they've made it so easy to save money when shopping. BankAmeriDeals are already in your account and all you have to do is click Add this deal to get it.  There is no need for coupons because it is all electronic and in your account before you even get to the store.

Every time I go shopping. Before surfing online or heading out to an actual store, I head to to see what kinds of deals I can take advantage of. If you look at the BofA pic above, you will see that I have already saved $73.35 and that I have $1.19 pending.

I love being able to see how much money I have saved this year with this program. The program is super easy to use and with a simple click you can add deals right to your account. The best is that these deals are tailored to me meaning I get deals for stores that I love and already shop at.

Bank of America’s AmeriDeals only work with debit cards and credit cards but you can check your bank for similar programs.

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What is your favorite way to save money when shopping?

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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24 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Pam

    I had no idea that Bank of America had deals like this. What a cool perk for BoA customers.

  2. Robin Masshole mommy

    Yep, I am always looking for a deal. This sounds like a great way to find some 🙂

  3. I’m loving the variety of cash back deals. This is an awesome way to save money on your regular purchases.

  4. I appreciate the rewards cards that allow you to get money back on things you would typically buy anyway. Those savings really add up.

  5. Catherine S

    I didn’t know Bank of America offered this. I like to save money by shopping around and using coupons.

  6. These are definitely great ways to save money. Our B of A was sadly one of the ones sold in the area. However, there are a few in Reno and Sparks, so maybe I will open up an account in one of those branches and take advantage of this money-saving opportunity.

  7. I have a few friends who use this program. I don’t use Bank of America, but I do get cash back through a few online programs when I shop for items I actually need.

  8. I love getting money back for doing what I would do anyway. This is great!

  9. I totally have a Bank of America account but haven’t been utilizing their BankAmeriDeals. I do like that they give 2-3% cash back on credit card purchases though. I just checked, and I have 14 deals available to me right now!

  10. deb

    I love when I don’t have to use coupons to save money so kuddos to them for providing that service. Of course, saved money means more money for travel so that is a big perk!

  11. This sounds like a fabulous way to score deals! You gotta love being able to get cash back on your every day purchases!

  12. I am all for rewards from credit and debit cards and bank; especially cash rewards. Every little bit helps these days.

  13. Crystal

    It is awoke what great deals there are when you shop with your Bank of America card. I typically save up my rewards for Christmas time.

  14. I like all the rewards programs stores offer. This year i had enough points i was able to buy $200 worth of Christmas gifts with them.

  15. Bank of America was my first bank when I went to college. I’ve continued to use them as an adult too. They have many great programs.

  16. I have Bank of America and I didnt know about this! I need to check out these BOA Deals so I can save too!

  17. We only have one BankAmerica where I live and it is not close by. When we were in Atlanta, I had an account with them and I liked them very much.

  18. The bank teller was mentioning this to me the other day. Thanks for sharing the details! I love good deals and perks for doing things that we do everyday.

  19. Candy O

    We have been account holders at B of A for a long time now. They have great banking options.

  20. Tracey

    These are great deals. I had no idea Bank of America had deals like this!

  21. My favorite way to save money when shopping is to not go shopping. LOL

    These kind of per deals would be my 2nd favorite way to save money 🙂

  22. Glad to see Bank of America giving more cash back to their customers! Every little bit counts for my family

  23. Becca Wilson

    We bank with Bank Of America. They don’t really have deals where we frequent but I do love that they have the program available.

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