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NOOK Color Updates Coming Soon – Flash Video, Apps & More

We have had our NOOK Color for a few months now and are loving ebooks. In my opinion, the Barnes & Noble Nook is the best ereader on the market. 

In April, some exciting changes are coming to the NOOK system. They are adding Adobe Flash which is certainly a leg up on the iPad and the Kindle . This will make the Nook more like an Android tablet.

This is very exciting for my family because we cannot afford to the Ipad and my husband decided that he didn't want one because they don't support Flash. Thanks Apple.

This makes a portable tablet much more affordable for everyone. We can't wait!

The best part…at least for our kids? ANGRY BIRDS is coming! Yes that's right, Angry Birds will soon be everywhere.

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  1. Carolina Dhabolt

    I read about this yesterday, it is awsome. We got my 12-yr-old daughter one for her birthday cause she loves to read, and she’s tried to do stuff that required adobe flash player before but it didn’t work, so I am so glad to find out about it, she’s gonna be so excited!

  2. Ohhh I didn’t know that. Thanks for the update!

  3. Debra P

    I think this will be perfect for my brother-in-law who has wanted a kindle for a long time. Thanks for the news about the update. As for Angry Birds? We all love it. It’s totally addictive!

  4. Eileen

    Trying so to figure out the best reader out there. My 11 year old is also wanting one for her 12 th bday in Sept…will be perfect for her to start middle school. Hoping we can get the best deal for the money and truly appreciate any reviews or info on these now. She just finished her 30th book for this 9 weeks… I am kinda thinking she might break us in books on a reader! Good to know this one will support Flash. That is one (of very few) tech talk I do understand.

  5. I agree with you completely about the Nook. It’s absolutely the best on the market!

  6. I I I <3 nook! It's amaze-balls!

  7. ellen

    The lack of flash in my opinion is the worst part of the IPad- I figure IPad2 would have taken care of the problem but no such luck!
    I too am looking into ereaders- have heard great things about the Nooks!

  8. Elizabeth I

    The $149 price point is nice. We had a kindle but sold it since we did not use it. Then I won an ipad. The apps are extremely helpful for my special needs kiddo. I find I really like it for my 5 1/2 year old too…the Dr. Seuss books are great. I like the addition drills.

    I might have opted for the Nook if we didn’t have the ipad.

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