Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

This Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind #BayAlarmMedical post is sponsored by Bay Alarm Medical. I received product and compensation. All opinions are my own.

Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind #BayAlarmMedical

Being the child of aging parents can be challenging at times. My day is already busy. Between work, carpool at three different schools, making dinner, and checking on my mom multiple times a day, there is very little time left for me. That's why when something comes along that helps to lift the burden I am on board. That's why I was so excited for my mother to try out the Bay Alarm Medical Devices In-Home Cellular & GPS Bundle. We hope that you enjoy our Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind #BayAlarmMedical post.


My mother has fallen several times recently, and the last fall left her with broken bones and me with a knot of worry in my stomach. It's the reason that I now check on her several times a day. So when I found out that Bay Alarm Medical had a solution that would both protect my mother and keep my mind at ease, I jumped. There’s nothing quite like having piece of mind that comes from knowing that my mom is now just one button away from getting the 24/7 medical help that she may need in an emergency.
Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

 Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Cellular & GPS Bundle

We ordered the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Cellular & GPS Bundle for my mother. I loved that there were no up front start up costs or minimum contract lengths. Signing up just takes a few clicks over at the Bay Alarm Medical website.

A few days after ordering our system we received a package in the mail containing everything we needed to keep my mother safe which is great because I am constantly worried about her safety. She has had several falls recently and her health has been declining.

There were panic buttons that we could place throughout her home that would call for help in an emergency, and they were super easy to install. The base unit just plugs into a wall, and you can put the other button wherever you like. It is battery powered and installs with command strips.

Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

Our kit also included an on body Mobile GPS Help Button. This device she wears around her neck, and it goes wherever she does. In the event of an emergency, all that she has to do is hit the button. The device will connect to help via the mobile network and will even supply first responders with GPS coordinates.

Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

There were other things in our box as well. Included with our kit was a lock box for the front door. You store a key in the lock box that first responders can access (with a code that you set) in the event of an emergency.

Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

We also received an auto fall detector. Now this one is perfect for my mother. In the event of a fall, the device will sense what has happened and contact the monitoring center. Talk about peace of mind. We hope that you enjoyed our Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind #BayAlarmMedical post.

Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind

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This Bay Alarm Medical Devices Provide Peace of Mind #BayAlarmMedical post is sponsored by Bay Alarm Medical. I received product and compensation. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks like a great tool for elderly family members living on their own.  I always worry about them.

  2. This looks like a great idea for really anybody in my family. My parents are definitely getting older and I want to keep them safe but also myself and my children. I will have to check these out.

  3. Totally going to have to dig a little deeper and see if this is available where we are.
    When my grandma was around I wished she had something like this… especially when she fell and she waited way too long for help!!

  4. This is great. I know senors may find it hard to give up their independence and this can allow them to still have that for awhile. Peace of mind is essential.

  5. Devices like these have been around for so long and for good reason. This will definitely give me peace of mind and would help my family out greatly.

  6. That is a good system to have in place. I too went through taking care of an elderly relative, and it was, like you said, nerve-wracking. I would constantly be worried about things like falls. This would be a great tool to have.

  7. That seems like a great service. I have seen this firsthand when I was caring for my MOM. I would have paid any amount to be sure she was safe and connected to help if she needed it. Bay Alarm Medical Devices is just what I could have used. 

  8. Those are all very convenient especially if you’re taking care of an elderly or someone who requires intense care. I really appreciate that these are all very easy to install!

  9. You never know what can happen to an elderly parent who lives on their own. I love this alarm system and they seem to have everything covered from falls to getting into the house. This can be so helpful and a life saver.

  10. This is a fantastic idea for the elderly or those with severe medical issues. You can never be too safe!

  11. I’m in the same boat, with aging parents. BUT I also have wondered when my husband is traveling and my kids aren’t around, what would I do if I fell and needed help?! I love all the precautions Bay Alarm has incorporated into keeping those we love safe and able to access help if needed.

  12. I feel like this is a really great tool put in place to help with many different things. It totally gives you peace of mind. I think this has some amazing features!

  13. I really like the idea of the lock box on the front door. I think that is a really important addition to the kit. Super important when it comes to making sure that we have peace of mind for our family’s safety.

  14. Products like this are something that you don’t realize you need until something serious happens. 

  15. This will definitely give anyone a peace of mind especially since they know that they have the right tools to make sure that their loved one is safe and can get help any time they need to. I would recommend it!

  16. Amy

    This is a great idea for those who have elderly parents living alone. I know I always worried about my grandma when she was living alone.

  17. I think that devices like these are soooo important!! My grandparent shave something similar and I love knowing that they always have access to it!!

  18. Catalina

    This is such an useful item! I would love to have it for my parents in case they need it!

  19. I’ve seen something similar before and I think it’s really an important gadget for an elderly person to have especially if they’re living alone.

  20. robin rue

    When my mom was alive, she fell A LOT. That auto fall detector would have been perfect for someone like her.

  21. This is a GREAT idea for those people who are home alone a lot and need medical assistance. My aunt could use one of these.

  22. Kathy

    This sounds like a great device to have around. I think I need to look more in to this. Any way to keep your family safe is great.

  23. Amy

    I can see how helpful this could be for an elderly person or someone that was sick. I should get my mother in law one.

  24. Bay Alarm definitely seems like the way to go to help take care of elderly people. I would want to know my parents were safe if they had issues with falling.

  25. Devices like these are really great. I remember at times when both of my grandmothers had something similar. I am sure that when the time comes that I’ll make sure my dad has one.

  26. My mom may need one of these soon. She lives by herself in Rhode Island and my sister and I are both in Massachusetts.

  27. I like that a lot! My mom lives on her own and it worries me. She’s fallen a few times over the past couple of years. One caused a really bad concussion, while with the other fall she ended up with a broken wrist! Knowing that she could easily call for help in an emergency would give all of us peace of mind.

  28. What an awesome product! I know a lot of elderly people that live on their own and could really benefit from this.

  29. This would definitely be a must for older parents living alone. I would need the piece of mind.

  30. That auto fall detector sounds really cool.  This can be very helpful for elderly people or people we know who live alone.

  31. I like the lock box for the key. I kinda want one for those times I need to have somebody go in my house. I’d like to be able to change the code though

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